Preventive Health

Ready to get healthy?

Okay, so here I am. Armed with all sorts of thoughts and ideas on how to give you a super-star edge on your health.

Ready to get healthy? Then I’m ready to help.

Savvy Health was an idea triggered by what I’ve come to call…disease ennui. Yes, I’m a doctor, but I have to admit, I’m tired of putting out fires. I always have the feeling that people come to see me when they’re just tipping over the edge…I pull them back, but they walk out the door and I know it’s just temporary. I guess I’d hoped that going to medical school would enable me to do more than hand out band-aids. Time for a quantum shift. Time to focus on preventing disease, rather than just treating symptoms after they appear.

So what can you do to get healthier, now, and stay healthier, long term? Lots, actually.

In this blog I’ll be bringing you a sparkling cocktail of the latest updates, my own cheeky takes on timeless wisdom, and much more. I’ve got my own philosophies, my own manifesto, and I’ll be sharing it all with you.

Watch this space.