Preventive Health

My Healthy Lifestyle Manifesto

Okay, so here it is. My philosophy on what healthy is all about.

I believe that being healthy doesn’t have to be boring, sensible and restrictive. That a healthy lifestyle can be fun, delicious, and full of vices. It can be stylish, sexy, and passionate. That you can be fab and healthy at the same time—in fact, being healthy is being fabulous.  

I believe that preventing disease is better than merely waiting for symptoms of illness to appear.

I believe that living healthfully is living honestly (no more fooling yourself)…and it’s about being smart, savvy & sophisticated.

I believe that taking care of your brain and your soul is part of healthy living. To me, this means: reading books, enjoying culture, listening to music, and travelling.

I believe that balance is something you only need when crossing a room in 4 inch heels. Otherwise, pursue the things you love and don’t feel guilty about ditching the stuff you don’t love!

I believe that you & your body are on the same team.

I believe that nobody is perfect. That it’s okay to cheat and fall down and indulge from time to time. Then you get over it. And get back with the program.

I believe that looking great is part of feeling great. Making an effort on your appearance is about respecting and honoring yourself.

I believe in the power of a contagious passion for health.

I believe that health is something we take for granted, until it leaves us. But that’s something we can’t afford to do. We gotta take action and be proactive, and take care of ourselves to live a long, vibrant, rich life.

I believe that the body and the mind are connected. That a whole-body, whole-life approach is the only way to go.

I believe that, although you need to take care of your health, life is short. Somewhere there’s a sweet spot between making healthy choices, and indulging yourself in this one life you’re given.

So there you have it.

But…these are all just vague, abstract ideas. What’s more useful? Specifics.

Never fear, that is yet to come.