Wicked Healthy

Here’s my concept on wicked healthy.

Some health gurus can be a bit, well, dogmatic. And absolutely impossible to emulate. Who can maintain these standards? No real humans I’ve ever met. Do you need to follow a strictly vegan lifestyle and forevermore shun wine, caffeine, chocolate, salt, non-organic produce, and television. Better question: would you even want to?

For example, I love Kris Carr (Crazy Sexy Cancer/Crazy Sexy Diet/force of nature), love so much about her…but wow. I couldn’t possibly keep up the sort of diet & lifestyle she maintains. Now, granted, she’s super motivated: cancer will do that to a person. But I just couldn’t do it. And you know what I suspect? Neither could you.

There’s an absurd amount of health advice out there. Get more sleep! Exercise every day! Eat fish, but watch out for the mercury content! Floss!

Sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming. Which, itself, can lead to major guilt and stress. And that’s not healthy! Granted, I’m one of those people dishing out health advice on a regular basis. But I certainly don’t expect anyone to doggedly follow every tip and recommedation that rolls off my tongue.

My feeling? Somewhere, there’s a sweet spot. Making healthy choices that work for you, as an individual. Doing your best. And shutting out the rest of the noise.  

When I blog about wicked health, this is what I’m going to be talking about. Furthermore, sometimes I’ll come across stuff that, by popular conception, is considered sinful. Anathema to a healthy lifestyle. And sometimes it turns out those things can actually be good for you. That’s the other stuff I’m gonna file under “wicked healthy”.

Here are my confessions: I love steak. I need brie. Life is not worth living if I can’t have coffee. And as for exercise? Well, I try. But quite frankly, I run only if I’m being chased. 

The big question is this: can you be healthy and not follow all the “perfect health” advice? Do you have to go vegan to be healthy? My answer: hell, no. Can you be “wicked” and still be healthy? You betcha. In fact, I believe that by giving yourself permission to include your faves (in a savvy way, of course!) that your health will improve more, long-term, than if you attempted to twist yourself up in knots to be PERFECT…which is completely unattainable.

And that’s when you become wicked healthy.

{If you’re with me, here’s more wicked stuff}:


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