Got A Bucket List?

It’s no secret that, lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about happiness, stress, mortality, and living a fulfilling life …and part of that process has led me to the concept of a Bucket List. You’ve seen the movie with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson, right? Or at least heard about it, I’m sure. I like the concept of a bucket list for many reasons. First–the truth is I like making lists. But more than that, I think a bucket list helps with the idea of intentional living. I think it’s not a bad idea to be aware of your own mortality, and figure out what you really want to do in this one life you’ve got. Even if you never cross all those things off, just the act of making the list helps to crystallize your truest and deepest priorities. 

I like the goal-setting process inherent in making a bucket list. I happen to believe that having goals is a key part of stress management, and its loftier counterpart, happiness. And I like the idea of reaching for the stars, and dreaming big. 

So I’m working on my own list, and when I’ve got it all down, I’ll share it with you.

Some of my initial thoughts?

  • Go skating at Rockefeller Center in NYC at Christmas time.
  • Sleep in a castle.

One thing that’s not gonna make an appearance on my list? Skydiving. (or bungee jumping or any other act involving hurling myself from a great height). I will happily go to my death bed without that experience under my belt, thank you very much.

So. Do you have a bucket list?

It feels a bit overwhelming at first, but once you get started, it’s amazing how many things start rolling out of you.

To help get you started, I recently found some places online that can help you create a bucket list:

I found a place where you can create, store, and share your bucket list (and check out other people’s lists–which is too fun). And here’s another one.

Need some more inspiration to get you started?

Here’s Brooke Burke’s bucket list.

And another blogger I read regularly & admire: Erica Diamond wrote a blog post about her bucket list.

Here’s Gregory Maguire’s bucket list (the author of Wicked).

Making a bucket list should be a fun, loose process. But what’s really cool is the deeper underpinning in living mindfully and purposefully.


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