How to Control Your Hunger Hormone

Ever feel like you’re not exactly “The Boss” when it comes to your hunger? That’s because, um, you’re not. Not always, anyway. Let me introduce you to a little something called: ghrelin

AKA: your hunger hormone. 

You can read more about ghrelin, and (more importantly) how to control the wee beastie, over on my blog at Yummy Mummy Club. My recent post: What is Ghrelin? (Know Thine Enemy).



3 Comments on “How to Control Your Hunger Hormone

  1. So, does ghrelin tell you that you need to eat, but insulin tells your body how to store the food once it’s consumed? I recently read “Why We Get Fat” and it’s left me a bit confounded.

    • Yeah, truth is our hunger/appetite/metabolism is under the control of some fairly complicated systems. It’s much more than just ghrelin, although I simplified things for the purposes of this post. Generally, you’re right, ghrelin gives our brain a signal that it’s time to eat. And insulin has A LOT of jobs, but one of them is dictating how glucose (the basic breakdown product of food) is either used or stored.

      Also–we still have lots to learn in this department, and research is definitely ongoing. Ghrelin, as I mentioned, was only recently discovered. Personally, I’m always wary of anyone who claims to have all the answers.

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