Poor Sleep May Worsen Your Blood Pressure

Now I hope this doesn’t cause anyone to lose sleep…but a recent study has shown that people with high blood pressure who also suffer insomnia are much more likely to have resistant high blood pressure (meaning, the kind we just can’t control with medication).

Which, to me, adds to the growing body of research that demonstrates the dangers of getting insufficient or crappy sleep. For example we know, now, that poor sleep is linked to obesity, cardiovascular disease, and brain and memory issues like Alzheimer’s (er, not to mention the short-term issues of crabby mood, fatigue, and poor concentration).

And I must say, I’m not bowled over with surprise at these recent findings. Recognizing, as I do, the major importance of a healthy lifestyle, I think this kind of research sends an important message to the public. Yes, we have medication to treat certain conditions, like hypertension. Yes, I prescribe said medications on a regular basis. But there’s so much more that you can do. There are so many ways you can be empowered and help yourself through achieving a healthy lifestyle.

You have to start with a healthy foundation. And keep working at it. A big part of that is making sure you’re getting enough sleep.

But, let’s say you get this, and you want to get more sleep…but sleep doesn’t come easily for you? Here’s help:

Already have high blood pressure? Here’s some other stuff (beyond medication) that you can do to improve your readings.

Sweet dreams…


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