Do You Want It? Heart Month Contest & Giveaway!

We-Want-ItI love dining in restaurants. I mean, delicious food professionally prepared just for me, while I relax and sip my wine…and someone else washes the dishes afterwards? Yes, please.

But…I don’t necessarily love what restaurants do to my waistline. Or my heart health. And a little carrot icon next to a supposedly-healthy menu item is totally not enough for me to make a fully informed decision.

This month–heart month, of course–I’m working together with the Heart & Stroke Foundation to help promote an important initiative, called We Want It, to let restaurants know we want this nutrition information. We’re talking calories, fat, sugar, sodium content–all those key details. Most people want this information, but many restaurants don’t realize it. The Heart and Stroke Foundation has taken this project on, in a big way. With our help they can communicate to restaurants that, although we love to dine out, we also want the ability to make healthy choices.

Are you with me? If you love to eat in restaurants, too, and you want nutrition information to be available in your favourite restaurants, you can join the movement. Visit the Heart & Stroke Foundation site  where you can join the chorus of voices asking for nutrition info. You can tell them in which restaurants you’d love to see nutrition information–and they will communicate with the restaurants on our behalf.

Also, for your viewing pleasure, check out this snazzy video by the We Want It people (FYI, the shot below was filmed in my old neighbourhood in Vancouver down by the waterfront.)


So it gets even better…you can win, too!

As part of this movement, I’m going to give away a $40 gift certificate to The White Spot restaurant (a Western Canada institution, and a yummy place to eat. Tuscan Chicken Pasta…enough said.)

So here’s how to enter the contest. For starters, you need to be 19+ and a BC resident. {Sorry, everyone else, this is a British Columbia movement only. For now, anyway…stay tuned!}.

There are two ways to enter:

  1. Make a comment below (or on my personal blog) to tell me about your favourite restaurant (and if they do a good job of providing healthy choices and nutrition information, all the better!).
  2. Follow me on Twitter @DrKimFoster, and simply RT one of my tweets about this contest and the We Want It movement.

The contest is open now, and will stay open until the last day of February, when I’ll randomly choose a winner from the compiled entries, and mail you your prize!

Also, if you’re not already following me on my Facebook page, you can head over there anytime because I’ll be chatting about this initiative on my wall.

Good luck!

UPDATE (March 1, 2013):

Winner selected: TONY

Thanks to everyone for participating!


10 Comments on “Do You Want It? Heart Month Contest & Giveaway!

  1. Thanks, Kim, and thanks White Spot. So do I have to choose an actual restaurant, or can I just say that I love Japanese restaurants…and of course Japanese food. Mind you, not all Japanese restaurants are created equal, and frankly some of them are too crowded and lacking in comfort, However, there are many choices in Vancouver, and I’m on a mission to discover the best one. I love doing research.

    As for the nutritional value and heart-healthiness of Japanese food, I challenge you to find an oveweight Japanese person, unless he’s one of those wrestlers. When I visited Japan, I notice that their meals were heavy on fish and light on chips. At a hotel where I stayed there was a choice of breakfasts labelled British (bacon and egg) American (donuts and waffles) or Japanese (broth and noodles). I think the Japanese have it right. If anyone can recommend a Japanese restaurant in Vancouver that I should visit, please add a comment here for me.


  2. One of my favourite restaurants to take my family to is Boston Pizza. I think they do a pretty good job at providing nutritional and heart healthy menu items.

  3. I have mixed feelings on the “carrot” symbols on the menu. It seems like a good idea but half the time the items labelled as “healthy” or “vegetarian” really aren’t, and then real healthy options are NOT marked. Regulation and standardized seems like an excellent way to go!

  4. I like how both Boston Pizza and the Olive Garden have healthy options (and break down calories)…helpful for sure!

  5. I love White Spot! I appreciate their Lifestyle menu choices and hope they include more choice in the future! They provide the nutrition info, so it helps me choose a healthy option, while being able to eat out with friends in a nice atmosphere 🙂

  6. My family enjoys meals at Earls but I don’t recollect them providing any nutritional content on their menu (maybe I just didn’t pay attention…) I’ll check next time I’m there!

  7. I like ordering pizzas from Pizza Hut but since I’m always ordering out, I don’t really know if they’re doing a good job or not on healthy choices and nutrition information. I guess the vegetarian pizza would be considered as a healthy choice but then again I don’t really know how healthy that is…

  8. I’m a regular at the Keg Steakhouse. I like the steaks there. There are no nutrition info on the menus. The salads and soups make for a healthy choice in addition to my steak. What I like to see is more healthy dessert choices. I don’t tend to order the desserts but my companion does – she orders desserts every time.

  9. I mostly dine out at Asian restaurants that doesn’t provide much on nutritional facts. Non-Asian restaurants like White Spot (even McDonalds) are doing a better job! It would be good to encourage more Asian restaurants to give nutrition facts for items on their menu.

  10. White Spot does a great job on setting up nutritious foods on their menu -really appreciate their thoughtfulness for their diners/customers!!!

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