How To Grow Your Health Coaching Business With MD Referrals

Are you a health coach frustrated with the constant struggle to find clients? Have you ever thought about connecting with MDs to set up a referral system into your coaching practice?

I am of the opinion that this is an untapped partnership. Truth is, MDs are typically run off their feet trying to deal with packed waiting rooms and have far too little time with patients, given the structure of our current healthcare system. They certainly don’t have sufficient time to tackle preventive and lifestyle issues with their patients…which means: frazzled doctors and frustrated patients with unmet needs. In contrast, health coaches—willing and able to take the time to coach people through the complex journey of lifestyle change—struggle to find enough clients to grow their businesses and fill their client list. It seems like the perfect set-up for a symbiotic relationship, no?

This is an important issue I discussed in detail during a recent Facebook Live interview with Lori Kennedy of the Wellness Business Hub. Because I’m a family physician in addition to my work in the wellness sphere, my perspective gives me an insider’s view of how this system works.

If you’re curious about the pathway to getting referrals from MDs into your health coaching business, I invite you to check out that interview!

And if you’re keen to take this further and actually make this happen for your business, I’d love for you to grab a copy (for free!) of my Guide for Health Coaches: How To Get MD Referrals which walks you through the action steps of how to get this kind of system set up—including the critical mindset shift you need to make (something I talk about a lot in the video interview)!



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