How To Beat Jet Lag [YouTube Video]

So I’ve got exciting news: I’ve decided to start making YouTube videos! Funnily enough, it was something my husband suggested. In recent months I’ve become hooked on YouTube videos for all kinds of things (makeup tutorials, travel vlogs, cooking shows…) and my husband noticed this, of course, and one day he said: you’ve got info to share, Kim, why don’t you make your own videos? So I thought about it, did a little research (via YouTube tutorials, of course!) and decided to give it a shot.

To test whether it was a viable idea, I brainstormed a list of potential video topics…and forced myself to stop after I hit about 125. So I won’t be running out of topics anytime soon! Mostly I’ll be talking about health and wellness, with some lifestyle stuff thrown in there, a bit of personal development sprinkled in, plus some videos specifically directed toward health coaches and wellness entrepreneurs. I’m going to try to release one video per week, as ambitious as that may seem–especially as I’m on this very steep learning curve of figuring out everything from scratch–but we’ll see how it goes! If it sounds like something you might be interested in, maybe you’d consider subscribing to my channel so you get notified when I release a new video? I’ll love ya forever if you do 🙂

Anyway, I just uploaded my very first video–yay!!! For this video, I was inspired by my trip to Europe this summer to cover the topic of JET LAG. I talk about 9 ways to beat jet lag. That’s right, NINE! I’d love for you to check it out. I’m sure my early videos will be a little…amateur-ish…but I decided to not let that stop me. (Plus I’m hoping I’ll improve as I go!)

And, PS. the downloadable cheatsheet I mention at the end of the video, my Sleep Checklist…you can grab that by clicking right here.



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