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What Is Your Thyroid? [New Video!]

Have you noticed how often people talk about thyroid health these days? Several years ago people hardly knew the word, but now everyone seems to be talking about it. A lot of this talk, however, assumes you know the basics about the thyroid. And you may not.

Do you feel sheepish because you’re not really sure what a thyroid is? What it does?

In my latest video, I break down these basics. Like a mini med school!

Here are some of the issues I address:

  • what is the thyroid gland?
  • where is it in the body?
  • how does it work?
  • why is it important?

I’d love you to check it out! And let me know what you thought!! Even if you feel like you DO already know what the thyroid is, I invite you to check it out anyway…you may learn a thing or two you didn’t already know. At the very least–it will serve as a refresher. When I was in medical school, we all recognized that you need to learn or encounter a thing several times before it really sticks.

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