6 Insider Secrets To Building A Thriving Health Coaching Business

How To Build, Launch, And Grow A Successful Health Coaching Business From Scratch, Without Overwhelm, Frustration, Or Confusion About Where To Start.



  • The 3 major mindset shifts all successful health coaches will need to adopt in order to build a thriving business
  • The single most important decision you need to make that will make or break your business
  • The key strategy you need to implement in order to easily attract your dream clients
  • The 2 biggest mistakes new health coaches make...and how to avoid them 

There’s a health coach revolution underway...are you ready to claim your seat at the table?

Wellness is a huge (and growing) industry, and there's never been a better time to build a health coaching business, design a life you love, all while making the world a healthier place. 

Whether you’re just at the beginning of building your business, or you’ve been stuck on the sidelines for a while struggling to get started … there’s no better time to get in the game and start creating the business you’ve been dreaming of.  

Join me to learn exactly what it takes to build, launch, and grow a wildly successful health coaching business.  

This Masterclass is a Must Attend if ... 

  • You’ve just completed your health coach training and you’re eager to get going (but you have no idea where to start).
  • You’ve been trying to build your health coaching business for months (or even years) but haven’t seen the success you were hoping for, and you’re starting to lose faith.
  • Health coaching is your passion, and you're looking for help with turning this passion into the business & lifestyle of your dreams ... one with more freedom, impact, and purpose.


A personal invitation from Kim...

I’m an MD and a coach with 19+ years experience in the health & wellness field...and I built a successful coaching career for myself (even when everyone said I was crazy to leave my solid, secure career in medicine).  

I know, from first-hand experience, that it can be incredibly overwhelming to leave the safety of a 9-5 for the bewildering land of building your own business...but let me assure you the rewards are incredible.  

I also know it can be confusing about where to start, and that it's all too easy to make a lot of rookie mistakes.  

That’s why, over the years, I've dedicated myself to learning everything I needed to know to create amazing success (which led me to becoming a certified business coach). The skills and knowledge I acquired allowed me to first replace my own 9-5 income, and then guide my clients through the same process ... and I have distilled everything I learned into this brand-new masterclass.  

If you’re passionate about health coaching, and committed to building a wildly successful business, I can’t wait to help get you there faster and with less confusion.  

See you there!