Introducing a 30 Day E-Course:

Social Media Bootcamp For Health Coaches


There are so many platforms. 

You feel stretched way too thin, there’s not enough time in the day to manage all these social media accounts...and does it make any difference anyway? 

Does any of this sound familiar: 

  • you feel like things are changing so fast, you're sure you must be falling behind 
  • you don’t know which platform is best suited for you and the potential clients you’re trying to reach 
  • you’re just randomly posting on a variety of platforms, taking the hoping & wishing approach, but with no real strategy to assure that your efforts are really worthwhile  

But it's actually possible to create a wildly engaged social media tribe...without spending all your time staring at your phone.

Yes, you can build a solid following, spread your message, and grow your health coaching business, with a short time investment.  

My new 30 day e-course is designed to help you master social media for your health coaching business.  

Read on for a look at what I'll teach you.


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  • Go where your ideal clients already are–and build thriving communities without burning out or spreading yourself too thin
  •  Plan, schedule and share content with ease and efficiency (no more late nights or last-minute “What do I post?” freak outs) 
  • Engage your audience–keep up with comments, cultivate genuine conversations and relationships and create a rock-solid "know-like-trust" factor  


Here's what you get when you sign up for SOCIAL MEDIA BOOTCAMP FOR HEALTH COACHES:  

  • 30 days of emails delivered to your inbox each day
  • each day's lesson contains fresh content and information, taking you through the course step-by-step
  • action items to help you implement the new things you're learning
  • worksheets & checklists for each module, to keep you on track


Hi, I'm Kim Foster. 

I'm a family doctor, a wellness coach, and a business mentor for health coaches & wellness entrepreneurs. 

I developed this course specifically to help health coaches optimize their social media presence, so they can grow their businesses with a minimum amount of time and stress.

I know that showing up on every social media platform EVERY DAY is exhausting. It's time-consuming. And worst of all, it doesn't even work. 

What does work? Being strategic. Being efficient. And developing a systematic approach that will work for YOUR business.

Let me show you how...

Here's what I'll be teaching...

MODULE ONE: A Social Media Primer

This is the foundation for your planning--looking at your overall strategy and getting a lay of the land in terms of the social media landscape. 

Lessons include:

  • 3 myths of social media 
  • 2 things to figure out before you build your community
  • 3 secrets of branding  

MODULE TWO: Find Your Tribe 

Who are you trying to reach? What are their health goals and dreams? How can you help them?

Lessons include:

  • a primer on the platforms 
  • how to check social stats & demographics 
  • checking out your competitor’s activity 
  • the group phenomenon 
  • 5 secret weapons for social media marketing  

MODULE THREE: Build The Foundation  

Learn the basics of the top social networks and determine which one(s) you should use consistently.

Lessons include:

  • joining Facebook Groups
  • creating your own Facebook Group 
  • all about Facebook Pages 
  • optimizing your Instagram & Twitter profiles
  • strategic hashtags
  • the Pinterest phenomenon
  • how to dive into YouTube
  • 5 mistakes not to make 

MODULE FOUR: Plan Your Content  

No more sitting in front of a blank screen. Make content creation intuitive and easy for social networks.

Lessons include:

  • comparing platform strengths 
  • how to create an editorial calendar
  • how to curate content 
  • 5 apps to power up your content  

MODULE FIVE: Engage Your Followers

Learn the natural way to build relationships and engagement with your followers.

Lessons include:

  • 3 ways to show off your personality on social media 
  • the power of 5-day challenges 
  • how to rock your calls to action
  • how to host an Instagram contest 
  • how to study your role models
  • how to tweak & fix the cracks  


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Normal price: $49  

Your price: $39 (for a limited time)