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You’ve tried everything to lose weight and you’re frustrated. You don’t want a quick fix–you want lasting, permanent change. You want to regain control, feel great about your body and your lifestyle, and get on with the beautiful adventure of life–without feeling the constant shame, blame, or self-loathing you’ve come to feel every time you try to lose weight.

If that’s you, I can help. Read on to find out how.


During this 6-week program, you’ll work 1-on-1 with me as your coach. This is not a diet, a cleanse, or a detox. This is a program designed to completely change your relationship with food, your body, and your self–to bring pleasure back into your life WHILE shedding the excess weight and finding a healthier setpoint.

By the time we’re done working together, you will have lost weight, yes, but you will also have acquired a few new things:

  • more energy
  • improved self-esteem and confidence
  • a calmer, more balanced you
  • the knowledge that you’ve reduced your risk of disease as you age
  • the discovery of your own personal sweet spot–the intersection between health, discipline, and pleasure
  • a sense of control and the feeling of mastery over your lifestyle, your choices, your eating habits
  • the rediscovery that food is a pleasurable, passionate part of life
  • an aura of what the French call “bien dans sa peau”…being comfortable in your own skin


I’m a medical doctor, writer, and mom. I obtained my M.D. in 1997, then completed my residency in family medicine, and have been working as a family doctor ever since. Over the years, my interest in the wellness side of medicine has flourished–everything from nutrition to yoga to stress management, and the many other components of a truly healthy lifestyle. I have written, blogged, and made media appearances about wellness issues. This passion partly came from my work with patients (and seeing firsthand the massive difference a healthy lifestyle can make) but it also arose from my own health challenges, and the lifestyle changes I made as a result.

In my 18+ years of practice, I have seen countless patients who have tried to lose weight before coming to see me, frustrated and at their wit’s end. And in my experience, the most effective method I have seen for helping people truly make lasting lifestyle change and lose weight is one-on-one, intensive coaching.

That’s why I developed this program.

What you’ll get from me: a physician with a deep interest in wellness, nutrition, and health coaching. A weight loss coach who will take a holistic look at your entire life–your emotions, your behavior, your lifestyle…and work with you through the challenging process of losing weight.

This won’t be me prescribing change. This will be me working together with you to create a new foundation for your life, a personalized blueprint for weight loss, and a healthier, richer way of living…that will serve you from this point forward.


Over the course of 6 weeks working together, we will take a deep dive into your current lifestyle, habits, and thinking patterns. I won’t be telling you to “eat this” and “don’t eat that”…because this is not a diet. We’ll be going way deeper than that.

Instead, you will discover the tools you need to truly change your relationship with food. Through our weekly telephone coaching sessions, we’ll create a personalized meal plan that’s tailored to incorporate your favorite foods and to fit your lifestyle. We’ll explore counterproductive habits and develop methods to help you overcome them. Together, we’ll also develop strategies to help you manage challenging situations (like eating out, parties, and holidays). Toward the end of the program, I’ll make sure you’ve got all the tools and strategies you need to keep going with your new lifestyle and mindset.


We’ll be conducting our coaching sessions over the phone, scheduled in advance.

The button below will take you to a contact form where you enter your information and choose your payment option.

Option A: 3 payments of $400

Option B: a single payment of $1200

I’ll then get in touch with you to set up our first coaching session and send you my Welcome Packet.

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Here’s exactly what will happen over our 6 weeks together:

Week One:
We’re going to begin delving into all the issues surrounding weight loss, overeating, and body image. We’ll take stock of your current situation, examine what’s worked (and what hasn’t) in the past, peel back the layers of your relationship with food and your relationship with your body, and start co-creating/mapping out a personalized plan–including goals tailored to your lifestyle and desires.

Week Two:
This session, we’re going to take an even closer look at the issues of emotional eating, and mindless eating. We’ll examine your habits and routines, and further refine your personalized meal plan, continuing our work on accountability, and keeping our eye on the goals. We’ll also take an indepth look at the media you’re consuming, and the messages it has been giving you–since childhood–about body image.

Week Three:
Next, we’ll focus on the environmental and social issues that influence your habits and choices. We’ll strategize about shopping and meal prep. And we’ll take a more specific look at exercise, movement, and activity–to help you find a way to have an active lifestyle that makes you feel great.

Week Four:
This session, we’ll do even more work on emotions/mindset/behavior around eating, while continuing to support you in your own, personalized weight loss plan. We’ll also look at some other critical aspects of lifestyle: sleep and stress. And a plan for treats?

Week Five:
We’re going to go deeper and wider in this session: deeper into the obstacles and issues that are still standing in your way…but also wider into your life as a whole. What mindset and behavioral issues in your life, in general, are playing a role? How does weight loss and the quest for a healthier body interplay with career, personal life, happiness, and future planning?

Week Six:
In this final session, we’re going to look to the future. How to create a lifestyle that lasts–healthy, vibrant, you. Continue weight loss journey–if that’s what you desire–while continuing to craft a fabulous lifestyle, inner balance, ease, and true happiness. We’ll craft a future plan for accountability and support, and celebrate how far you’ve come. You’ve found your sweet spot.


  • Worksheets
  • Food & Mood Journal pages
  • PDF cheatsheets & checklists
  • Recipes

My no-hassle refund policy:

If you aren’t satisfied with the program, if you don’t think I delivered what I said I would deliver, I will give you your money back. See? No risk to you.

Just to be clear…

This program is not about me being your doctor. You still need to have your own GP. I won’t be running tests or doing any of the things I would normally do as an MD–for that, you need to see your own family physician. This coaching program functions outside the standard health care system (even if you happen to live in the same province as I do) because counseling and coaching about preventive health is not a billable service for MDs in my province (besides, you’ll be getting way more time and attention from me than you would ever get in a typical doctor’s appointment). This is a premium service, but does not replace your doctor.

Is this program right for you? YES, if you:

  • dread shopping for clothes
  • feel like you’ve lost control of your eating
  • constantly obsess about what’s on your plate
  • find yourself turning to food to soothe every stress and worry in your daily life
  • have been putting life on hold until you “lose those last 10 pounds”
  • are fed up with overly restrictive and complicated diets that take a lot of time and energy and take all the pleasure out of food
  • want to break your cycle of self-sabotage (emotional eating and guilt/shame/self-loathing)
  • are ready to end your battle with your body and instead claim your true happiness
  • want to look beyond the superficial changes imposed by “quick-fix” diets, and really examine the deeper levels of behavior and emotion
So…are you ready to change your body, your health, your life?

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