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I talk to a lot of people who are at the beginning of their career journey in health and wellness coaching, and so many of you struggle with doubt. It’s not just self doubt (which is real, and a big problem), but it’s also doubt, in general, that it’s even possible to create a career […]

How To Build A Successful Health Coaching Business

I’m Kim.
I’m an M.D.-turned-coach and I’m dedicated to helping you build your dream career + lifestyle. Welcome to my blog, where I write (and podcast) about wellness, business + success!
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Many of us have had negative experiences in the past with salespeople, and it can lead us to a tendency in business called “sales avoidance”: avoiding sales altogether because we don’t want to be that sleazy salesperson. It’s important to recognize when this is happening for you, and to learn how to embrace sales and […]

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Are you struggling to choose the right niche for your health coaching business? Are you wondering if this is even something you need to do?  In this episode, I sit down with my fabulous client Dr. Porsha Robinson to talk about the importance of choosing the right niche and what it can do for your […]

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Are the legal aspects of your health coaching business causing you a ton of stress? Are you wondering if you’re properly protected? Are you worried you don’t have all the legal documents you need? In this podcast episode we’re talking about all kinds of legal matters for your business — and I know this isn’t […]

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Are you working really hard in your health coaching business right now, doing all the things, clocking a ton of hours, and possibly heading toward burnout? If you are, this is the perfect episode for you. I want you to embrace the idea of working smarter, not harder, and finding ways to streamline your business […]

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If you’re uncomfortable with sales because it feels pushy and “salesy”, and would love a more authentic approach to sales, then you’re going to love this podcast episode. My guest is Michelle Hartzman, and Michelle is a business coach who is a true believer that sales do not have to be slimy, icky, or uncomfortable.  […]

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If you would love to create a group coaching program but you’re wondering how long you should make your program, then this episode is for you. A group coaching program can be a powerful vehicle for impacting more people and scaling your business — but what’s the right length?  Should it be one month? Three […]

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If you’re feeling overwhelmed in your business right now because you’ve been doing everything all by yourself, and you can feel yourself starting to head towards burnout, then this episode is for you. My guest on this podcast episode is Jennie Lyon, a 20 year digital marketing expert, award-winning writer, and the founder of Jennie […]

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Are you looking to elevate your online coaching business, and create a “wow” experience for your clients? You might have considered using Kajabi as a tool to help you do that, but you’re wondering if this platform is right for you. If that’s you, this episode is for you. In this episode I’m chatting with […]

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Are you wondering  if now is a good time to start a health and wellness coaching business? If this is something you’d love to do, but you’re not sure it’s a good idea right now because you’ve got a busy life and you’re concerned you’re not really ready … this podcast episode is for you. […]

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