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I’m Kim, and I'm dedicated to helping you build your dream wellness business.

As an MD-turned-coach, I’m on a mission to help women build wildly successful businesses as health & wellness coaches.

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Ready to Pursue Your Passion For Wellness And Build The Ultimate Freedom-Based Business?

I believe that you deserve to have a career you’re obsessed with. I also believe that wellness coaching is the future of healthcare … and the world desperately needs you. That’s why I want to help you get out there asap, so you can make the world a healthier place (and create a life you love).

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The Wellness Coach Academy


Dreaming of a fulfilling career in wellness? Become a certified coach with my 6-month training program and step into a brand new career (whether you have a healthcare background or not). 

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Business Training
& Mentorship

Struggling with the business and marketing side of things? Follow my proven framework for building and growing a 6-figure health & wellness coaching business with my comprehensive business-building program, Business Academy for Coaches.

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Done-For-You Programs

Overwhelmed trying to build a signature coaching program from scratch? Instantly have everything you need with my Done-For-You 90-day premium health coaching program.

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“If it weren’t for Kim I’d still be spinning my wheels and making excuses for why I hadn’t started.” 


Enneagram 3, obsessed with Paris, running, and good coffee. 

I help women build thriving health coaching businesses with ease and elegance.

I’m an MD-turned-coach and a leading business mentor for health and wellness entrepreneurs. After experiencing the frustrations and limitations of the conventional healthcare system for almost two decades, I now help women pursue their passion for wellness and build successful businesses that give them freedom, fulfillment, and financial abundance.

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3 Ways To Get New Clients This Week

If you're building a business as a health or wellness coach, what you probably need the most right now is...more clients. In this free workbook + guide, I walk you through the simple steps you can take right now to get new coaching clients. 



How To Build A
6-Figure Health Coaching Business Using One Signature Program

The 3 behind-the-scenes secrets to financial freedom ... without exhaustion, burnout, or being a slave to social media.

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Pricing Guide + Workbook

Ready to finally end the confusion and indecision when it comes to knowing how much to charge? Download this free guide for pricing your health coaching programs!



Do you have what it takes to pursue a career in wellness coaching and start your own business? Find out in 5 minutes or less with this free quiz.


Wellness Coaching Career Guide

Start your new career with this free guide that will show you the exact steps to becoming a top wellness coach for women.



Helping women pursue their passion
for wellness so they can achieve freedom,


Whether you’re right at the beginning of your journey into health & wellness coaching, or you’ve been building your business for a while (and need help taking things to the next level) ... I’ve got you.

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My flagship, all-in-one coach training and business development program will give you the step-by-step guidance you need (plus the supportive community you've been craving) so you can build a wildly successful health coaching business from the ground up (even if you're brand new to coaching and have never started an online business before).

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