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Testimonials & Client Success Stories

A sampling of success stories and inspiring results from my clients and students.

“I'm bringing more intentionally to my business. Before it was a bit like "throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks", and now I feel there's an actual strategy and bigger picture."

Julie enrolled 12 new 1:1 coaching clients!

Julie Doan, Pharmacist & Wellness Coach, Montreal.

“Was the investment worth it? Um, definitely. I had absolutely NO idea what I was doing before I started working with Kim. I thought I had created some good copy before we met, but she has helped me up-level everything to an extremely professional level.I now have so much pride and confidence in what Kim has helped me create."

Cate built her business from scratch and quit her day job!

Cate Beauman, Health Coach, New Hampshire

“I really didn't think I would be able to build my business online. I felt too shy and clumsy to come out to the world with my offers. The biggest benefits of Kim’s program: getting my whole business online, setting up my website, creating the tools, packages, promotions, social media ...and getting so many new clients!"

Ana ended 2 years of struggle to create massive success within 3 months: enrolling a full roster of private clients, and filling a new group program!

Ana Vucetic, Psychologist & Wellness Coach, Estonia

“Working with Kim was great! I liked her understanding and encouragement when I switched niches sooo many times. Her program is very good, with so much information structured on the backend to ensure you’re set up for success.”

Holly started from scratch and within a few months had set up her entire business, launched a podcast, and sold her first $3500 package.

Holly Lehua, Life Purpose Coach, Singapore

“I now have a signature program and course, plus new pricing for each. Working with Kim gave me actionable items and accountability I needed. Plus, we talked numbers and I’ve yet to meet anyone in my industry who actually helps with pricing and programs in a clear way.”

Liz went from "running dry on clients" ... to doubling her rates and immediately enrolling new clients into her brand new signature program!

Liz Sanfilippo, Nutrition Therapy Practitioner &. Wellness Coach, New Jersey

“This has been an incredible program and an incredible ride. I can honestly recommend Kim—if you have questions, she’s amazing, she’ll dislodge all those ideas and thoughts in your head, and all that crazy overwhelm, and put it together beautifully and give it back to you and you think “oh well that’s not that hard!”

Marielle quickly grew a full roster of clients and resigned from her day job!

Marielle Styles, Health Coach, New Zealand

“My investment with Kim has already paid for itself…after only 2 months of working together!”

Laura went from overwhelmed & skeptical to having her highest-income month ever!

Laura Albers, Wellness Coach, Missouri

Ready to get inspired?

“After this program I have much more focus in my business and feel a lot less overwhelmed. My marketing strategy is much more aligned and exciting. Kim gave me ideas that weren’t even on my radar!”


“When working with Kim, I grew as a coach, set higher goals, and achieved what I set out to do. I also have a wonderful library of resources that I can refer back to. Now, things are going better than I imagined with my business, and I’m thrilled!”

Melanie took her business to a new level of impact & influence with 10K+ Instagram followers and landing her “dream job” with high profile players in functional medicine!

Melanie Rathbun, Functional Health Coach, Vancouver.

“Kim was the PERFECT guide. This program was so well laid out, very detailed, and so much value is in every module and group coaching session. With Kim's support, I have successfully built a business from just a dream to an actual productive and functioning business!”

Camrey built a successful coaching business from scratch…and enrolled her first paying clients before her training was even complete!

Camrey Mosimann, Health Coach, New Mexico

“Kim lays everything out in a comprehensible, done-for-you manner to help you streamline your success and scale your coaching business!”

Ashe went from zero paying clients … to fully booked out with private clients (within 4 months)!

Ashe Milkovic, Wellness Coach & NTP, Nebraska

“I did it!! I signed my first premium client tonight! I couldn’t have done it without you, Kim! Thank you for your support and wisdom.”

Mystie launched her coaching business, enrolled her first premium clients, resigned from her job, and took her family on an extended cross-country adventure (while running her business)!

Mystie Oldham, RN & Health Coach, Missouri

“This is a very high touch, well-executed program that covers all the bases. The support and easy access to Kim makes this invaluable.”

Shari started with no existing business (and no idea where to start)...and within a few months had built everything, developed a signature program, launched it, and enrolled her first clients!

Shari Johnson, Menopause Health Coach, New York

taryn went from frustrated to focused

taryn stein, rd & intuitive eating coach
cayman islands

“It really helps to have a sounding board from someone who's done it themselves, totally understands where you're coming from, and can give you clear guidance. ”

 "Kim really listens and immediately understands your blocks, coming to the table with useful ideas to implement and help focus your strategies easily.  was definitely worth the investment. I got more clarity and a clear roadmap which was super useful to set me on the right track."

“I came to Kim confused about what services I was going to offer. Now, I’m focused and very happy to be opening the business that is right for me. Such a relief! Investing in this program was well worth it and yes, I would recommend it to others … especially MDs transitioning to coaching!”

Judy moved to the South of France to run her wellness coaching & retreat business full-time!

Dr. Judith Boyce, MD & Longevity Coach, France

“After working with Kim I now have a much healthier and more balanced attitude about money – this has helped all areas of my life, including making sure I am charging what I am worth in my business.”

Lisa earned her first $15K+ month!

Lisa Scott, Owner, Sidekick Bookkeeping, Vancouver

“I started with NOTHING. Just an idea. Kim literally walked me through step-by-step on how to put together a flourishing business! She gave me the tools to improve every step. Kim has the ability to light a fire under you while encouraging you at the same time. I needed someone who knows the ins-and-outs of this business, and Kim did not disappoint. She is super organized, direct and resourceful!”

Anita went from “nothing”…to “flourishing business” within a few months!

Dr. Anita Lee, Physical Therapist & Wellness Coach, Alabama

“Not only is Kim extremely knowledgeable in growing health coaching and wellness businesses but she is an awesome coach. She is very good at finding and working with your strengths.”

weight management COACH

"Kim helped me find the confidence to turn my dream into reality. If it weren’t for Kim I’d still be spinning my wheels and making excuses for why I haven’t started.  I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is serious about building a successful health coaching business!”

Claire started from scratch, built her entire coaching business, quickly enrolled 7 private clients, and promptly left her day job!

Claire Ponzi, RN & Health Coach, New York

“Working with Kim was fun and natural! After doing this program, I feel like I have a good start and I finally have direction. I have been struggling with a specific audience and now that I have that, I can move forward with everything else."

Heather went from struggling over her niche … to total clarity, a new direction & purpose.

Heather Fegan, Wellness Coach, Indiana

“Kim’s Business Academy for Coaches helped me find clarity on my unique coaching niche and develop my signature coaching program. Prior to enrolling in BAC, I was not making as much progress as I wanted. Kim helped me find the focus and alignment that I needed.”

Glenda created new programs, developed an online course, and landed multiple clients (including a former pro athlete and a lucrative corporate contract).

Glenda Sparrow, Life Optimization Coach, Florida

“I am so glad I did not try to start my coaching business all on my own! This program saved me from so many tough lessons and struggles.”

tori carroll 

“I would not have been able to build my program and gain momentum without going through Kim's program."

Mayuko launched a brand new program + quickly enrolled 14 new clients (including a high-profile celebrity) ... and then used that success to move to her dream location.

Mayuko Okai, Registered Dietitian & Wellness Coach, LA

“I worked with Kim to build my business completely from scratch, so I can honestly say I benefited from every part of her program. Kim is a fountain of knowledge and expertise, and I love her warm approachable manner. To anyone hesitating: go for it!”

Amanda pivoted from corporate to build a flagship wellness program and launch a gorgeous, high-end wellness brand!

Amanda Banham, Age Well Guru, Dubai

“The return on investment in this program was absolutely worth it. The time it saved me and the value was way more than what I paid. Kim is an expert in business and the wellness industry.”

Ariana's coaching business went from a “dream in her head” to a fully fleshed-out reality ... including launching a group program that sold out with max capacity! 

Dr. Ariana Witkin, MD & Motherhood Coach, Boston

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