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Would you love to have a morning routine that sets you up for success all day long? In this episode, I walk you through a process of crafting your very own morning routine. Here’s where you can listen to the podcast episode: A lot has been said about morning routines (in books, blogs, YouTube videos, […]

Morning Routines: Healthy Habits To Do Everyday

I’m Kim.
I’m an M.D.-turned-entrepreneur and I’m dedicated to helping you build your dream career + lifestyle. Welcome to my blog, where I write (and podcast) about wellness, business + success!
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If you’re doing Intermittent fasting, can you drink coffee during your fasting window? A lot of people have this question! Especially if you choose to have a fasting window in the morning — does that mean you have to forego coffee forever? Here’s where you can listen to the podcast episode: In this podcast episode […]

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Let’s talk about motivation. A lot of people struggle to find the motivation to make whatever change it is that they want to make in their life – whether it’s to lose weight, clean up their diet, start an exercise program….or whatever health goals you might have. And the question I hear all the time […]

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Can Human Design help improve your health and well-being? The field of Human Design is an interesting topic that I really didn’t know much about, to be honest, before having this conversation with my guest today. Kelsey Abbott is an intuitive Human Design and Money Coach who uses science, spirituality, and play to help people […]

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When you’re trying to lose weight, one of the things you might want to do is work on boosting your metabolism. After all, if you can train your body to burn more calories, it’ll be easier to lose the weight you’d like to, right? Well, there are definitely ways to do this, but it’s not […]

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Do you feel tired all the time? Maybe you feel like you can’t exist without coffee. You have no energy during the day, and you have no idea why. SO many of us feel like this, just tired all the time.  And there are a lot of potential reasons why someone might be feeling tired […]

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It’s spring, and I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for some fresh changes! Starting with…a very exciting announcement about a new direction for my podcast. Up to now, my podcast has been called Marketing & Mindset for Wellness Coaches, and it has been primarily focused on business and marketing strategies for entrepreneurs in […]

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You may not want to think about this, but I want to ask you: how ready are you for times of crisis, like a recession? Specifically, if you’re building a business, how ready is your BUSINESS for unforeseen challenges? Today I have a guest with me who is an expert at creating systems so that […]

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Have you considered developing a product line? Whether you run a business currently and you’d love to offer products alongside your existing services, or you’re thinking about starting up a brand new side hustle or business, selling products can be an amazing way to build a new stream of income and chart a path to […]

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If you’re building a business, you may be feeling burned out with the social media hamster wheel that requires you to be constantly churning out posts (that are here today and gone in a matter of hours). Or maybe you never really loved social media anyway, but you’re wondering “How else are people going to […]

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