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How To Get Rid Of The Mean Girl In Your Head

January 5, 2022

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A lot of us have a very loud mean girl in our heads. She’s a very persistent inner critic, and most of us don’t even realize how demanding she can be! 

My guest on this podcast episode, intuitive mindset coach Samantha Ruberto, shares why it’s time to lovingly replace this mean girl with your inner queen, and gives us her 3 core tips for doing this.

Samatha also shares her story of what happened when she realized that her white picket fence life was not what she was meant to be living, and the big changes she made as a result of that realization.

I think you’re going to love tuning in to this episode!

Here’s where you can listen in to our conversation:

Do you have an inner mean girl who is holding you back?

Here are some of the things Samantha and I discuss during our conversation:

  • whether we all have a Mean Girl in our heads (and why she can be such a problem)
  • how to become more aware of our own critical and self-sabotaging thoughts
  • a 3-step process for getting rid of your inner Mean Girl
  • the importance of intuition

…and much more!

After listening to this episode, I’d love to know your thoughts.

Do you have your own “Inner Mean Girl?” Is she holding you back? What is the first step you’re going to take to get rid of her?

Let me know by finding me on Instagram and DM me or tag me in your stories!

Where To Find Samantha:

Samantha on Instagram: https://instagram.com/samantharuberto

Samantha’s Website: https://samantharuberto.com

Other Resources & Useful Links:


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