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Are You Too Expensive?

October 24, 2018

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Recently, I did a Facebook Livestream inside my private group addressing the question: are your coaching services too expensive? As a health coach, should you be more “affordable” for everybody?

It’s an issue that I’ve noticed coming up a lot, recently, for my clients and for the coaches in my community.

And really, at the heart of this issue of “affordability” is the question: do you have to be everything to everyone?

As an example, a student of my MD Referral Course was telling me recently about her experience approaching a doctor with her pitch, talking to him about her services, and he expressed concern that some of his patients wouldn’t be able to afford her services. She immediately responded saying that she might be able to offer a sliding scale…or some other arrangement.

And I know that this kind of conversation will happen for many health coaches, if it hasn’t already happened for you. It may come up when talking to doctors about referrals, or it may come up when talking to potential clients directly.

And I understand where this doctor was coming from, expressing concern that not everybody would be able to afford her services.

But what I want to put out there is the idea that, as a coach, you don’t have to be “affordable” to everybody.

You Do Not Have To Be Affordable To Everyone

The idea that anyone and everyone could hire you is a lovely idea…but it’s not based in reality.

Again, that may rub some people the wrong way to hear that, and if it triggers you, I’d love for you to consider WHY, exactly, it does.

But the truth is: you’re not trying to market to everyone. Even if you wanted to, you can’t possibly serve everyone anyway.

So you have to narrow down — and you’re not only going to do it through your rates, or money, or affordability. It’s also going to be about client type, demographic, the problem they’re struggling with, maybe their age range or gender.

You Want To Help Everyone…But That’s Not Possible

I think for a lot of us, this issue goes to the heart of being “people pleasers” and being in a helping profession. We believe so much in the service, and want “everyone” to benefit.

But that doesn’t make a lot of sense.

It’s not possible, for lots of reasons.

For example, some people aren’t terribly “coachable”. Some people aren’t interested. Some people don’t believe in coaching.

These people aren’t your people, either, and that’s perfectly okay.

So I want to challenge you to stand strong with your pricing, and with the idea of your ideal client — you don’t have to please everybody, you don’t have to be available to work with everybody.

So what comes up for you when I say this stuff?

I think it’s a really juicy issue, especially for those of us in the helping professions, which coaches are, and wellness people are…so health coaches are definitely getting that double whammy of being deeply motivated to help people. And the thought of leaving some people behindand doing it intentionally, and being okay with it…well, that can be a very scary thing to contemplate.

But that just means it’s worth contemplating. It’s worth unpacking and taking a good look at, and then working on your mindset to move past it, because there’s no doubt it can really block you.

What Next?

If this is the kind of thing you’re wrestling with, if you have a sneaky suspicion that these kind of mindset blocks are standing in the way of your success (maybe in addition to all the practical obstacles of not knowing the best way to market your health coaching business, and all the pieces that go with that), I have a program I’m really excited about that might be EXACTLY what you need.

Last week I opened enrollment to my group coaching program that’s going to start on November 1st, called The Prosperous Health Coach Mastermind. It’s a 90-day group coaching program and the goal is to help you build, step by step, a rock-solid foundation for your health coaching business, including choosing your niche, creating your signature programs, designing your brand, and consistently gaining new clients.

Instead of struggling and feeling overwhelmed, let’s do it together.

I’ll be guiding the group through my system for putting all these pieces together, plus tackling all those mindset blocks that come up along the way.

At the end of the 90 days, you’ll have your entire business foundation completed and you’ll be starting to implement my system for generating consistent income as a health coach. One of the first pieces we tackle in the program is money mindset (the stuff I was talking about here), so if you resonate with that topic, I encourage you to check out this group program.

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