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Introducing: Health Coach Squad!

I’m excited to announce that I’ve just launched a new group on Facebook, exclusively for health coaches and wellness entrepreneurs.

I created the group as a community to support health coaches who are actively building the career of their dreams. Together we’ll step up our game and take our businesses to the next level…and make the world a healthier place!

My intention is to grow an intimate group of positive, supportive, and savvy women who are health coaches and wellness entrepreneurs. We’ll be talking about: marketing, scaling, growing, opportunities, working with clients, creating programs, finding your niche, mindset, scope of practice, tech, freedom, flexibility, boundaries, charging your worth, branding…and so many other things!

Why would you want to join (besides the fact that it’s free)?

  • to forge connection with other health coaches (on a more personal level than you’ll find in other huge/impersonal groups)
  • to learn from other coaches, and support each other as we all build the careers of our dreams
  • to jump into fun and business-boosting challenges! (starting with the opportunity to level up your instagram game in February’s Instagram challenge!
  • to benefit from insights I’ll provide by regularly sharing case studies of my coaching clients
  • to be the first to know when I roll out a new program or course specifically geared to help health coaches take their businesses to the next level
  • to take part in our daily themes…see below!

Here’s what we cover each week:

Mindset Monday: We’ll talk about all those inner barriers and obstacles that are holding us back, because it’s time to get out of our own way. Whether it’s impostor syndrome, fear of failure, or any number of mindset traps…let’s talk about it and work it out.

Teamwork Tuesday: This will be our day to connect and work together! Are you looking for advice or opinions on an idea? Are you looking for collaboration on a professional project? We’re your #squad. Let’s do this.

Winning {at Business} Wednesday: We’ll talk about marketing, niche, networking, email marketing, money. Got a question? A win you want to share? Or maybe you want to work through a marketing or business-related struggle? This is your day.

Test Kitchen Thursday: Because I happen to believe (like many of you) that good health begins with food. So this is when I want to share recipes! If you’ve found a great recipe, developed, tried…share it! And if you use a recipe shared in the group…be sure to give credit! Win-win.

Fun Fact Friday: This is our day to get to know each other a bit more. Share a fun fact about yourself!

So if you’ve got #squadgoals of finding a like-minded group of ambitious women driven by a passion for wellness…then you definitely want to check out Health Coach Squad. If you’re ambitious about your career, but you also want to have fun and friendship along the way…come join us!



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