Dr. Kim Foster

I read a lot of blogs and healthy living websites. Here’s a small sampling of what I’ve been reading lately:

The Latest Coffee Buzz: New Study Says It Can Fight Skin Cancer —     Blisstree

How Being Tired Hurts Your Heart  — Prevention

3 Fall Superfoods That You Should Be Eating   — Vitamin G

Common Posture Mistakes — And How To Fix Them  — HuffPost Healthy Living

Nutrition: Cruciferous Veggies May Help Boost Immune System  — Best Health Magazine

Yoga And Stretching Equally Effective for Back Pain — New York Times Well


Here’s what I’ve been checking out lately.

How Much Protein Should I Eat? (from Fit Sugar). This one’s for my vegetarian sister who has asked me this exact question. Great tool.

Train Your Brain To Crave Healthy Foods (from CNN Health). Interesting! I doubt I could re-wire myself, like they describe in this article, to the degree that chocolate would make me feel nauseated (nor would I want this to happen!). But a little of these strategies could be beneficial, I think.

How Chocolate Can Help Your Workout (from New York Times Health) I am always interested whenever they discover new benefits to eating chocolate. Always.

Can Chewing More Help You Eat Less? (from Reuters Health) Another case of science backing up what your mama always told you. Chew your food!

Yes, Miranda Kerr Does Yoga, But It’s Not Why She’s Modeling 7 Months After Giving Birth (from Blisstree) A wonderful, and very balanced, take on post-baby weight loss, celeb mommies and their workouts, body image, and realistic expectations.