Testimonials & Client Success Stories

Went from “running dry on clients”…to doubling her rates and enrolling new clients into her brand-new signature program! 

“I now have a signature program and signature course, plus new pricing for each. Working with Kim gave me actionable items and accountability I needed. Plus, we talked numbers and I’ve yet to meet anyone in my industry who actually helps with pricing and programs in a clear way.”

Liz Sanfilippo
Wellness Coach
New Jersey

Marielle Styles
Health Coach
New Zealand

Quickly grew a full roster of clients and resigned from her day job! 

“This has been an incredible program and an incredible ride. I can honestly recommend Kim—if you have questions, she’s amazing, she’ll dislodge all those ideas and thoughts in your head, and all that crazy overwhelm, and put it together beautifully and give it back to you and you think “oh well that’s not that hard!”

Took her business to a whole new level by creating a gorgeous signature program that she can confidently call her own!

“I have a new streamlined signature program, website and systems in place that were in complete disarray when I started. I have also gained a newfound confidence in my coaching, thanks to Kim! This program is thorough, comprehensive, and Kim’s coaching is priceless!”

Andrea Berkowitz
Health & Weight Loss Coach

Laura Albers
Wellness Coach

“My investment with Kim has already paid for itself…after only 2 months of working together!”

Went from overwhelmed & skeptical to having her highest-income month ever!

“I’m on track now to retire my husband from the job he hates, and we’ll be able to travel and work from anywhere in the world, and to me, that is priceless.”

Built a successful coaching business from scratch…and enrolled her first paying client before her training was even complete!

“Kim was the PERFECT guide. This program was so well laid out, very detailed, and so much value is in every module and group coaching session. With the support of Kim and the other ladies in the group, I kept pushing past the hard spots and have successfully built a business from just a dream to an actual productive and functioning business!”

Camrey Mosimann
Health Coach
New Mexico

Ashe Milkovic
Wellness Coach & NTP

Within 4 months, went from zero paying clients … to fully booked out with private clients (and ready to scale)!

“After going through Kim’s program, I now feel more aligned with my mission and how to present myself as an expert in my field. I feel more confident in nurturing my growing community as well as making & sustaining the sales I need to maintain my business. I loved the group program aspect, going through the experience knowing I wasn’t alone in this was reassuring. There definitely is a lot to learn when it comes to starting and running your own online coaching business. Kim lays everything out in a comprehensible, done-for-you manner to help you streamline your success and scale your coaching business!”

Started from scratch and built her entire coaching business … left her day job, and currently has 7 active clients!

“Kim helped me discover the clients I most want to work with, create my website which I’m so happy with, build my signature programs, and find the confidence to turn my dream into an LLC. If it weren’t for Kim I’d still be spinning my wheels and making excuses for why I haven’t started. I found the confidence to put myself out there to share my gifts with others to help them become healthier.

I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is serious about building a successful health coaching business!”

Claire Ponzi
Health Coach
New York

Heather Fegan
Wellness Coach

Went from struggling over her niche … to total clarity, a new direction & purpose.

“Working with Kim was fun and natural! After doing this program, I feel like I have a good start and I finally have direction. I have been struggling with a specific audience and now that I have that, I can move forward with everything else.

Created new programs, developed an online course, and landed multiple clients (including a former pro athlete and a lucrative corporate contract).

Kim’s Business Academy for Coaches helped me find clarity on my unique coaching niche and develop my signature coaching program. Prior to enrolling in BAC I had all these ideas of who I wanted to work with and how I wanted to coach, which left me moving in too many directions and not making as much progress as I wanted. Kim helped me find that focus and alignment that I needed.”

Glenda Sparrow
Life Optimization Coach

Dr. Judith Boyce
MD & Longevity Coach
South of France

Moved to the South of France to run her wellness coaching & retreat business full-time!

“I came to Kim confused about what services I was going to offer. Now, I’m focused and very happy to be opening the business that is right for me. Such a relief! She’s very down to earth and listens well. I always felt that she heard me and then zeroed in on guiding me to a great solution. A pleasure to work with her! Investing in this program was well worth it and yes, I would recommend it to others … especially MDs transitioning to coaching!”

Sold her first $5500 coaching package!

“This week I have two coaching consultations booked, and received another email from someone who is intrigued by what I do and wants to speak further about it. Leads seem to be swarming around me…”

Rebecca Boehm
Women’s Wellness Coach

Lisa Scott
Owner, Sidekick Bookkeeping


Earned her first $15K+ month!

“After working with Kim I now have a much healthier and more balanced attitude about money – this has helped all areas of my life, including making sure I am charging what I am worth in my business.”

Turned her “hobby business” into a legitimate business, and sold her first $2K+ package!

“Kim gives so much actionable help to someone starting a business and navigating the online world of marketing and wellness. I’m now doing podcast interviews, booking speaking engagements, and getting paid sponsorships on my website — I feel like things are really coming together.”

Barbara Hamilton
MD & Owner, TiredSuperheroine
Palm Springs, California

Mayuko Okai
Registered Dietitian & Wellness Coach
Los Angeles

Launched her brand new program + enrolled 14 new clients (including a high-profile celebrity)!

“After working with Kim for 90 days, I was able to build the foundation of my online business, which was the reason I wanted a coach. I’d been doing group programs here and there, but needed personalized help to get my business off the ground. Kim helped me through her signature system which brought clarity to how to break down my private program into organized steps. I now have a premium package, with a professional website, and everything organized and ready to go. I would not have been able to build my program and gain momentum without going through this program.

Grew her Facebook Group to over 2000 members + sold her first $3500 coaching package!

“I’m an introvert, and I don’t like being on camera, which made me feel like I would struggle to market my services. But now I’m feeling so much more confident that my business is going to “work”. I’m so excited that it’s all coming together!

Karen Dion
Wellness Coach

Amanda Menzies
Age Well Guru

Pivoted from her corporate career to build a flagship wellness program (completely from scratch) and launched a gorgeous, high-end wellness brand!

“I worked with Kim to build my business completely from scratch, so I can honestly say I benefited from every part of her program. Kim is a fountain of knowledge and expertise, and I love her warm approachable manner. Kim is structured, she takes the time to listen to your challenges and helps guide you through the maze. Kim will help you pull out the next steps even when you can’t see them and keep you on course. When you come across barriers Kim will help you find the tools and mindset to overcome them. To anyone hesitating: go for it, you can’t not benefit from Kim’s coaching!”

Built a fully-developed coaching business within 4 months!

“I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get the results I was looking for … but I’ve been able to bring my business to life by narrowing my niche and creating a signature program and website. I even feel confident about my package pricing! Kim did a wonderful job and this program is top-notch.”

Sara Dunbar
Functional Medicine Wellness Coach
Las Vegas

Dr. Marica Pook
MD & Wellness Coach

Left the clinical position that was making her miserable, and built an entirely new business!

“Before working with Kim I did not know how to start. I had no hesitations about working with her because I really wanted and needed the help. With her program and support I developed a soup-to-nuts business, built my website, and developed my marketing plan.”

Went from “nothing”…to “flourishing business” and quickly enrolled 2 new coaching clients!

“I started with NOTHING. Just an idea. Kim literally walked me through step-by-step on how to put together a flourishing business! She gave me the tools to improve every step. Kim has the ability to light a fire under you while encouraging you at the same time. I needed someone who knows the ins-and-outs of this business, and Kim did not disappoint. She is super organized, direct and resourceful!”

Dr. Anita Lee
Physical Therapist & Wellness Coach

Millie Elia
Health Coach & Nurse Practitioner
New York

Sold her group program to a wellness center in New York and now collaborates with physicians to gain client referrals!

“I had worked 2 other coaches before Kim and neither had worked out so I was a bit gun shy about hiring yet another coach. But I found that with Kim as my coach I was able to accomplish more than I ever thought I could. I have true clarity on the actual steps needed to succeed. What I liked best about coaching with Kim is her ability to combine true coaching skills with expert mentoring and clear direction. Amazingly, I’ve gone from someone believing themselves to be completely non-techie to someone who can actually produce online programs, workbooks, journals and more! Now I don’t have to outsource every little thing and that saves my business money. I’m way more confident now after working with Kim!”

Created a full suite of programs, an ebook, and a YouTube channel (all while working full-time as an engineer and mom of 3)!

“Working with Kim motivated me to continue taking action and making progress without giving up. I have learned that accountability is absolutely the key for success.”

Syliva Nwokolo
Weight Loss & Mindset Coach
Manchester, England

Ariana Witkin
MD & Motherhood Coach

Her coaching business went from a “dream in her head” to a real live LLC, complete with a website and all structures & systems in 3 months! 

“The return on investment in this program was absolutely worth it. The time it saved me and the value was way more than what I paid. Kim is an expert in business and the wellness industry.”

Quit her day job!

“Before working with Kim, I had the fear that I was going to spend a lot of money and that enrolling wasn’t going to help me. Boy, was I wrong! 🙂 My business is just starting up, but I now have so much pride and confidence in what Kim has helped me create. I know I’m leaving her program with a great mindset, a killer program, and a website that is on par with many of the other successful businesswomen out there.

Was the investment worth it? Um, definitely. I had absolutely NO idea what I was doing before I started working with Kim. I thought I had created some good copy before we met, but she has helped me up-level everything to an extremely professional level.”

Cate Beauman
Certified Health Coach
New Hampshire

Teya Hastie
Certified Health Coach

Enrolled 3 clients into her newly-created coaching package!

“Working with Kim was an excellent investment!  With her business coaching expertise and her background as a doctor, I feel that Kim is uniquely positioned to support health coaches. While working together, I gained incredible clarity and accomplished so much. With her guidance, I’ve now launched a fantastic new program that’s already creating great results for my clients. I highly recommend Kim’s services to anyone wanting to transform their dreams for their business into reality.”

Built her entire business, including creating & launching a year-long membership program! 

“I went from no business to a full business, with a signature program and a clear view of the year ahead. Kim’s program is packed full of information, yet also very streamlined to get your business off ground and headed for success! My investment in this program was the best thing I could do for myself, my business, and my clients. If anyone out there is hesitating, don’t! Take the overwhelm off your shoulders and put that energy into building your business! Kim will set you and your mindset up for success and get you on the path to building the business of your dreams!”

Allison Todd
RN & Health Coach

Shanyn Kurashige
Certified Health Coach

Enrolled 5 paying clients into her private coaching package!

“Kim is a wonderful business coach to work with. She is kind, resourceful and very helpful. She was very supportive during and after our sessions; great at follow through. I had worked with a few coaches before her and wished I had worked with her first. I’ve been able to do steadily well with my programs. Dr. Kim has helped build my confidence through her coaching sessions, for sure!! It is well worth investing in her mastermind program.”

Began charging her worth with her clients!

“By working with Kim I have gained a solid foundation for my business. I am now actually charging my worth with my clients! Investing in this program was a great way to be held accountable and learn the foundations of the business — it’s great for anyone starting a business. Kim was always positive, and I loved the mindset work that was included in the modules.”

Stephanie Yeatts
Counselor & Certified Detox Specialist

Katherine Housh
RN & health coach

Launched + filled her group program!

“Working with Kim was definitely worth the investment. I’m feeling more confident that I’m on the right track and more polished in how I share my message. I appreciate that Kim is direct and knowledgeable without being pushy and overbearing like some other business coaches I’ve worked with in the past. She is a great cheerleader!”

Handed in her resignation at her day job!

“Kim is very attuned and able to reflect the current state of both me as a person and also where my business is and should be. This coaching program gave me structure and accountability, and I didn’t feel so alone.

Savannah Sheets
Cushing’s Health Coach

Cari Nadeau
EFT Practitioner & Lyme Coach

Conquered her visibility fears to begin speaking in front of groups … and enrolled multiple paying clients!

“I initially hesitated to enroll in this program due to the financial investment, but I now know I could never have gotten to this point without the structure and accountability I got from working with Kim. After 3 months of working together I now have a business ready to go. I have SO much more confidence than when I started. I’m making videos, speaking in front of groups (gasp!) and working with beta clients. For people who are considering working with Kim, I would definitely tell them that this is the best money they could ever spend on their business, no question.”

Sandy Smith
Health Coach

Changed her mindset from “Will this work?” to “This will work.”

“I was hesitant to invest because it was a HUGE step for where I was with my business. I knew that once I made that step there wasn’t any turning back – if I was going to spend this money I needed to give it my all and really push myself. It was scary because you never know if it’s going to work or not, but it was 100% worth the leap. This program was game changing for my business.

Nailed her niche and gained confidence like never before.

“This program helped me gain needed direction and insights to where I was holding myself back. I gained confidence and direction and I’ve noticed a change in how I present myself and my business online and in person.”

Caroline Smith
Wellness Coach & Yoga Instructor

Katherine Casey, Certified Professional Cancer Coach & Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Ontario, Canada.

Kim gave me a blueprint to start putting my program together. She kept me on track and pushed me to complete some of the tasks that seemed to sit on my to-do list unfinished. She also shed a spotlight on some of the things that were holding me back which certainly helped propel me into action and shed some of my old procrastination habits.

I had already spent a lot of money on my very expensive hobby, but I knew I needed help if I wanted to transform this into something more than a hobby.”

Cheri Timmons, health coach & social worker, North Carolina

“Wow!! I have gained so many benefits from working with Kim! I had started and stopped the process of creating a “signature program” for many months. My work with Kim finally provided me with the insight, clarity, direction and support I needed to fine-tune my branding message, my signature program, a kickoff program and a business plan.

Kim was 100% professional AND made me feel like we were equals, in this journey together. I felt like she was someone I had known for years. She truly listened to me and had a beautiful way of supporting my ideas and enhancing my approach with other things to consider (that I would not have come to on my own).”

Jessy Servi Ortiz, MBA, vision & strategy coach, Wisconsin

“Kim’s medical background, passion for health, and commitment to serving others make her the perfect person to help health coaches get their businesses off the ground. She’s knowledgeable in the key foundational pieces needed to launch your coaching business, whether you are just starting out or have been at it for a while. Kim listens deeply, is able to dissect your needs and coach directly to the problems you need solved. Her program will help you meet your goals and build your business launch pad!

Dawn Strom, coach & GYROTONIC® Fit Owner, Georgia

Kim offers a unique approach to business development for health coaches that pairs authentic brand and business development with marketing strategies that will support long term and stable business growth as a health coach.

Her perspective as both an MD and a health coach gives her a unique ability to help you both create and market your programs in a way that will speak to your ideal clients and to the MDs that can refer your ideal clients. She will help you position yourself as the go-to expert health coach that MDs can trust and build a foundation for lasting success as a health coach!

Lynn Ruoff, Digestive Health Coach, Colorado

Kim is organized and focused. She listens, yet still keeps you moving to stay on track with the program and your goals. She has a warm, professional demeanor and is easy to work with. I especially appreciated the time and effort Kim spent answering all of my questions, providing examples, personalized explanations, and follow-ups in our sessions.


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