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How To Communicate With Your Email List As A Health Coach

November 15, 2018

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As a health coach trying to find clients, you might be diligently building your email list, but do you know how often to email your list? What to send them? Does it have to be a newsletter? What’s the best way to use your list? Keep reading, because I cover all of this (and more) in this post. (Or if you prefer, watch the YouTube video below!)

If you’ve been in business for a while as a health coach, I’m sure you’ve heard the advice: build your email list. It’s no secret it’s a critical business maneuver to grow a solid email list.

But what comes AFTER that? You might be diligently building your list, but sooner or later, you’ll start to wonder: how should I USE all these names and email addresses? What’s the best way to move forward?

Create a nurture sequence

Most email service providers will allow you to create an automated nurture sequence — and I strongly recommend doing this. A nurture sequence is a short series of emails that immediately goes out to a new subscriber after they opt-in. This is a great opportunity to introduce yourself, showcase some of your personality, tell your story, and generally help this person get to know you better.

When people are new to your world, they don’t really know you yet, but open rates of nurture sequence emails are high, so they’re clearly KEEN to get to know you. Give them some of your best stuff, and really pull them into what makes you unique.

Create a regular email newsletter

Now, I know when I say the word “newsletter” you might cringe, thinking you have to create some kind of magazine-style newsletter with all kinds of features and links…and while you certainly CAN do that if you really want to, that’s not what I’m talking about. Basically, your goal here is to stay in touch on a regular basis with your subscribers. And personally? I like to keep my email newsletters short and sweet.

I find it works best to use plain emails without too many images or graphics or distracting elements. My emails usually direct people to my latest piece of content: my latest video or blog post, for example, or provide a piece of exclusive content just for my subscribers. Because the thing is, I know people are BUSY. Nobody has time to read through an extensive newsletter. Short and sweet is much better for everyone. So I want you to think about what kind of email communication you want to send out to your list, and then commit to doing it consistently. That’s the key. You want to stay top of mind, and regularly popping into their inbox.

>>Free PDF Guide: 50 Fabulous Email Subject Lines For Health Coaches<<

Provide value

What nobody wants is to be on an email list that’s only about sales and promotion. Nobody signs up for that, and if they find themselves on that kind of list, they’re likely to unsubscribe. So don’t be the person who is always selling.

With your emails, focus on providing value first and foremost. Focus on answering questions, providing insights, teaching little things, and being entertaining, inspiring, or informative. This helps your subscribers get to know you better, and generates all those positive vibes that come about when you are being of SERVICE.

Make offers to your list

At the same time, don’t make the other mistake, which is: NEVER making offers to your list. Some people go so far into the VALUE mindset that they actually avoid making offers of their programs and services. Many health coaches have a real aversion to being “salesy” and I get it…but at the same time, unless you’re doing this as a hobby, you do need to make offers periodically through your email list.

Think of it as another way of being of SERVICE. Sure, some people will only ever be interested in consuming your free content — and that’s perfectly fine. But other people will be looking for something more. They actually would love an opportunity to work with you directly, or join one of your programs, and unless you make the OFFER…you are robbing them of that opportunity. So every so often, be sure to promote your services through your email newsletter.


Here are the things to keep in mind when it comes to serving your email list:

    1. Create a nurture sequence
    2. Create a regular email “newsletter”, whatever works for you, and commit to sending it out regularly.
    3. Consistently provide value.
    4. Occasionally “sell” or make offers to your list

Now, with my clients who are actively nurturing their email lists, one of the things they struggle with the most is writing email subject lines. You want people to OPEN your emails, right? And so much of that is about writing amazing subject lines. It’s a key skill to acquire.

So I’ve created a PDF guide to help with that, a list of 50 fabulous subject lines for health coaches. You can grab that resource for free by clicking on the thumbnail below:

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