Private Coaching: Building Referrals

Building Referrals (4 weeks)

Let’s say you’re clear on your business vision, brand, niche, profitability plan, and you have a signature program all crafted and ready to go. What next? You need clients! One of the best ways to do that is through referrals. Specifically, referrals from other health & wellness professionals, like doctors. Referrals from MDs and other healthcare practitioners can be incredibly powerful and profitable, and can ensure a steady flow of pre-screened clients ready and excited to work with you as their health coach. If you are interested in pursuing referrals and want professional guidance on how to make it happen, this program is for you. Together we’ll make sure you have a strategic system for approaching doctors and medical offices, who to target, and how to build those relationships. By the end of our four weeks working together (1:1) we’ll perfect and polish your referral system and form, your introductory package and letter, and everything else you need to build a thriving referral-based coaching business. 

Investment: $897 

During this 4-week program, you’ll work 1-on-1 with me as your coach. 

By the time we’re done working together, you will have:

  • an understanding of how doctor’s offices and practices work
  • a new mindset about why MDs need you (as much as you need them)
  • an offer specifically crafted to appeal to, and speak directly to, MDs
  • a referral form and intake system
  • marketing material, including a cover letter/email to use when approaching doctors
  • a refined pitch
  • a list of MDs to approach
  • a system and strategy for approaching medical offices (and building relationships)


Over the course of 4 weeks working together, through our weekly telephone/video call coaching sessions, we’ll create a personalized plan and strategic approach for building a referral-based business. Toward the end of the program, I’ll make sure you’ve got all the tools and strategies you need to keep going with your new career direction and mindset.


We’ll be conducting our coaching sessions over the phone/Skype/Zoom, scheduled in advance. 

If you’re interested in learning more, simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page, and I’ll get back to you right away. I can explain more about how this would work for you, and we can schedule a brief discovery call to ensure we’re a good fit before we get started!


You graduated from your health coach training program a little while ago, and you’ve been so excited to share your wealth of knowledge with people, change lives, and build your business. You’ve spent the last several months doing all the things you’re supposed to do: you have a good idea of your niche and your target market, you set up a lovely website, you’ve got all your intake worksheets ready, and maybe you even have a signature program all crafted and ready to go. You’ve been highly engaged on social media and hustling in all the right ways…but you have few (or no) clients. You’re frustrated and disappointed. What happened to your dream career? You wonder if you’ve made a big mistake.

Maybe you’ve heard about someone you know, a fellow coach, who managed to get some clients through professional referrals. It sounds amazing, but you have no idea how she managed to pull it off. You think there’s no way you could do something similar. But if you don’t manage to get some clients soon, you’re afraid you’re never going to make a go of this.

It does not have to be this way.


You’ve got a thriving business, a full roster of clients who are excited to be working with you and you’re making a difference. You receive a regular flow of clients through referrals from a few trusted professionals–including doctors. Your marketing efforts are down to a bare minimum now–gone are the days of the crazy hustle, because clients are now coming to you. You’re an expert in your niche, the go-to person, and you love working with your clients because you know your stuff, and you know you’re helping people. Your schedule is as busy as you want it to be, and you’ve got plenty of flexibility for vacations and personal time. Your clients are thrilled to be working with you, full of gratitude about how much you’ve helped them, happy to pay you your worth, and eager to refer their friends. You feel fulfilled, satisfied, and in charge.

You’ve already done the hard work with your basic health coach training…now it’s time to make that training work for you.


Here’s exactly what will happen over our 4 weeks together:

Week One:

We’ll begin by taking stock of your current situation, examining your current business model, and looking at what’s worked (and what hasn’t) in the past for you. We’ll examine your strengths and skills, and make sure you have total clarity on who your ideal client is. We’ll do a diagnostic on your current offers and packages, to make sure they are marketable and viable, and in alignment with what your ideal client needs. You’ll learn about medical offices, how they function, and learn about the critical mindset shift that needs to happen before you can begin to approach doctors for referrals. 

Week Two:

This session, we’ll begin setting up your referral system and forms. You’ll develop your marketing materials, specifically designed to speak to doctors. You’ll learn how to identify which doctors to approach, and start thinking about how to find them. 

Week Three:

Next, together we’ll create your cover letter and pitch, the pieces you’ll need when you begin approaching medical offices. We’ll generate a detailed list of MDs and medical offices to contact–that are in alignment with your focus as a health coach, and discuss strategic approaches to this. 

Week Four:

In our final week together, we’ll dive into strategies for getting past the gatekeepers of medical practices. We’ll discuss how to approach doctors, how to build relationships, and you’ll craft a system for making your proposals and following-up. We’ll map out a plan for the next several months as you put this strategy into action. We’ll troubleshoot any remaining problems, and make sure you have all the concrete steps and pieces in places to move forward on your own–with a plan for accountability and support down the road in your journey.


  • Worksheets
  • PDFs
  • templates of letters, forms, and pitches

Is this program right for you? YES, if:

  • you trained to become a health coach, and you want to impact lives, but you’re having difficulty gaining traction
  • you have a clear idea of your niche & target market, but are having trouble reaching those people
  • you have a signature program or package, but can’t seem to connect with the people who could benefit
  • you’re tired of the hustle–it’s draining, and it doesn’t seem to be that effective anyway
  • you love the idea of getting MD referrals, but don’t know how to get started
  • you want to grow your coaching business into something you can be proud of
  • you want to create sustainable, consistent income on a monthly basis
  • you want a business with freedom built in–flexibility & autonomy–so you can live a life you love
  • you want to truly be your own boss, finally quit your day job…and transform the lives of others at the same time!

My no-hassle refund policy:

If you aren’t satisfied with the program, if you don’t think I delivered what I said I would deliver, I will give you your money back. See? No risk to you.

Why work with me:

  • because I have 19 years experience working on the front lines of healthcare as an MD (in family medicine)
  • because I am also a health coach, so I have a unique perspective of seeing this industry from both sides
  • because I have made business & marketing my business…by learning directly from the best online marketers and business coaches out there (like Marie Forleo, Melyssa Griffin, Amy Porterfield, Carrie Green…)
  • because I have plenty of personal business experience: I have been a business owner and entrepreneur many times over, in a variety of sectors (besides wellness and coaching, I have also been a bookstore owner, a freelance writer & author, and a speaker)…and because my husband happens to be a business and financial advisor specifically to healthcare professionals, for a major Canadian bank (just a little side bonus!)
  • because I have built a community of hundreds of health & wellness coaches in my private Facebook Group and email list.

I’m on a mission to help women follow their own passion for wellness, and chart a meaningful career path in the wellness field. The relatively new (and exciting) field of health coaching holds tremendous promise, in my opinion, and has the potential to change a lot of lives. And, because I have the unique perspective of being both a medical doctor and a health coach, I’m in a position to teach and support other health coaches.

That’s why I have developed this program, to help women actualize their dreams of creating a career they love–a career with purpose. I love working with people who are enthusiastic about healthy living, see the big picture, and want to spark meaningful change in others’ lives.

Is that you?

What this recent client had to say…

“Kim is organized and focused.  She listens, yet still keeps you moving to stay on track with the program and your goals.  She has a warm, professional demeanor and is easy to work with.  I especially appreciated the time and effort Kim spent answering all of my questions, providing examples, personalized explanations, and follow-ups in our sessions.”

          ~ Lynn Ruoff, IIN graduate & digestive health coach

So tell me…are you ready to level-up your business and change your life? Let’s get started building your dream career!

Interested in learning more about this program and how I can help you?

Complete the form below and I’ll get back to you right away:

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