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December 3, 2019

I’m Kim.
I’m an M.D.-turned-entrepreneur and I’m dedicated to helping you build your dream career + lifestyle. Welcome to my blog, where I write (and podcast) about wellness, business + success!
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My podcast is here!

I am so excited to welcome you to the first episode of Marketing & Mindset for Wellness Coaches.

It’s been an incredible journey, bringing this podcast to reality, and I’m excited to have you come along on that journey with me now that the podcast is out in the world.

I have been a devoted podcast listener for a LONG time now, and have had an idea to make my own podcast for ages…and I’m thrilled that it is finally happening.

Join me in this first episode as I tell you a bit about my story, a bit about what has brought me to this point, and also what you can expect from this podcast going forward. Here are some of the key things I cover in this first episode:

  • what I believe are the key components to success in the wellness coaching field
  • why I called this podcast “Marketing & Mindset”
  • what made this the right time for me to start this podcast 
  • my intention for this podcast and the topics we’ll be covering

Why “Marketing & Mindset”?

So after functioning within the coaching field for a number of years now, the thing I always hear from budding coaches in terms of their biggest struggle is: getting clients. It’s always the biggest challenge, how to market to potential clients, how to find new clients.

So I know this is a huge piece. I know that it can be utterly bewildering how to get out there and market yourself. 

So that will be a big part of this podcast. After figuring out that strategic business and marketing piece first for myself (and I’ll talk much more about my own journey in future episodes) and then helping all my clients to do the same — to build and market their businesses–I have plenty of advice and tools and strategy on this topic.

And ALSO what I have learned to be true is that just as important as marketing strategy is working on your mindset. More important, perhaps.

Again, I first learned this for myself, and then have observed how important it is for my clients, and the women in my community.

Because what I have certainly seen, and felt for myself, is that you can learn all the strategy in the world–but if your mindset isn’t right, it’s not going to work. Mindset will trip you up every time. 

And I can say this having learned it the hard way. When I started on my own entrepreneurial journey, I had to undo a lot of programming and had to go deep on this work myself. I come from an intense and lengthy training and education that was very much in a masculine energy, was excruciatingly practical, logical, and evidence-based. In medicine, in my traditional training and the world I functioned in for many years –there was precious little room for intuition, spirituality, creativity, or personal development. Those aspects are not encouraged and really not even welcome. 

Over my years inside the medical profession I had all that drummed out of me. And when I look back now, I remember, I was a kid and a teenager who was very much into all things spiritual, soulful, creative, and all about personal development. 

But now things have come full circle because I have returned to my roots, if you like, and really embraced personal development — and as a result–have discovered that my mindset really determines how successful I am.

So that’s why this podcast is called Marketing & Mindset…because what I know is that they are both equally important, when it comes to building a business, finding success, and finding fulfillment. 

What will we be talking about on the podcast?

In the weeks and months to come, we’ll be talking about what it takes to achieve success and reach the next level of freedom and abundance–both from a mindset perspective and a strategic perspective. 

I will also be sharing my own story, my own journey from conventional medicine to the incredible world of coaching…including the wins and the high points, plus the challenges I’ve had to overcome in building my business and creating the life I have today. I’ll be sharing lots of behind-the-scenes stuff about my life and what it looks like, including being a mom of two boys…and how I juggle it all–sometimes successfully and sometimes….not so much. But I intend to show you the inside story of how to grow a thriving business and especially how to design a life that completely lights you up. 

My intention is to keep these episodes short and sweet, because I know that you are juggling a lot of things — building your business, working a job, raising kids, running a household, and so I want to give you maximum value in the most efficient way possible. I know when I started listening to podcasts, I appreciated that and would seek out short & punchy podcasts.This way, you can receive the bite-sized piece that you need, whether it’s a strategic tip, a mindset hack, or perhaps a spiritual exercise that can really help you unlock the success you’re craving.

In terms of topics we’ll be diving into, I’ll be talking about everything from success mindset, marketing strategy, money mindset, business foundations, and also how to have an awesome life as a coach. 

So if that sounds like the kind of thing that you’d be interested in, I would love for you to come along on this journey. 

I’m so looking forward to diving deep with you and sharing all of this through this platform, the Mindset & Marketing for Wellness Coaches podcast.

Go ahead and hit subscribe so you get notified when a new episode releases, and then let’s get started building your business!


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  1. Loved listening to your first podcast, Kim!!
    So well done. Congrats!

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