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July 31, 2018

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After completing your health coach training, if you’re like most health coaches, you’re not exactly sure what to do next. You might have heard you need to create a signature program, but you’re a bit lost on where to start. How do you begin to put a signature program together? How long do you make it? How do you structure it?

So many things to figure out.

If that’s something you’re struggling with, keep reading, because I’m going to walk you through a 7-step process for creating your signature coaching program.

It’s also the subject of my latest YouTube video, so if you prefer that format, go ahead and give it a watch!


In the video (and the article below) I give you seven steps, and it’s important to do each step. Don’t skip anything! Every piece is important for a different reason.

Step 1: Identify your ideal client

The first thing you need to gain total clarity on is: WHO are you creating this program for? Who is your ideal client and what does she need? Your goal is to solve a very specific problem for your ideal client, so you need to have a very clear picture of her in your head.

Step 2: Pinpoint the end goal of your signature program

In this step, you need to pinpoint the transformation your program will create for your clients. What would your ideal client like to achieve? What outcome can you help them create? What is the result you’re offering with your coaching package?

It’s important to choose an outcome that your ideal client really wants. And, ideally, your coaching package is all about providing just one major result. I’m not talking about 3 results or 10 different mini results…just ONE key outcome.

Step 3: Identify the duration of your signature program

Next, I want you to consider: what time frame is required to achieve the desired outcome?

It’s important to pick a duration you feel confident about. You need to know you can achieve the transformation with your client in that time frame.

There is no right or wrong answer to this question, and of course it will depend on a few factors: your niche, the nature of your clients, and the nature of the outcome.


Step 4: Map out the journey

At this point, you’re ready to structure your package into phases. Think in terms of steps and milestones. You’re crafting your package to achieve the stated outcome from step 2. Basically, you want to chunk your whole program into a curriculum of bite-sized pieces, like modules or lessons, and you want to put them in a logical, cohesive order.

This is when you use your expertise to move your client from start to finish. You’ll also need to create any teaching materials and other things to support your clients, like workbooks, tutorial videos, and checklists.

Step 5: Decide about logistics & delivery

In order to deliver the content of your program and coach your client through to the desired outcome, you need to decide what method would work best. And you also need to keep in mind how *you* prefer to work. Will your program be given through one-to-one coaching sessions? With a small group? In person? Online? How long do each of your sessions need to be? How much support will you provide in between sessions, in the form of email support or a facebook group, perhaps.

You’ll also need an onboarding package and a way for you, as the coach, to keep all your materials organized and keep track of your clients and their progress.

Step 6: Set the price of your signature program

Making decisions on pricing is tricky stuff for a lot of coaches–particularly health and wellness coaches. It’s important to not undercharge–because when you compete on price, you will most likely attract clients who are not your ideal — people who grabbed your program just because it was cheap, even though it’s maybe not a great fit for them…because the truth is, they won’t be as invested, they won’t be as likely to do the work…and, naturally, won’t have terrific results. Which is no good for anybody.

Another thing to keep in mind is: resist the urge to price your program based on the amount of content, like how many modules there are, how many worksheets there are…but instead, price it on the OUTCOME.

Meaning, if your outcome is highly valuable to people…price it accordingly.

Step 7: Package it all up

This is the fun part, because it’s where you get to be really creative. This final step is all about packaging your program into an irresistible bundle that you can’t wait to send out to the market.

Things you need to figure out in this step are: a name for your program, an inspiring tagline, and a beautifully designed — and well structured — sales page.

Your sales page needs to contain all the details of your program, everything a potential client will want to know to help them feel excited to set up a discovery call with you —  and it needs to be well-written and crafted so it speaks directly to your ideal client, and clearly offers a solution to the problem they’ve been struggling with — the stuff you sorted out in step one and two.


To recap, here are the 7 steps for building your signature program:

  1. Identify your ideal client.
  2. Pinpoint the end goal of your program
  3. Identify the duration of your program.
  4. Map out the journey
  5. Figure out the logistics & delivery.
  6. Set the price
  7. Package it up into an irresistible sales page.

Now, I have to say, of all those steps, the one that most coaches get tripped up on is step number 6: the pricing. Is that you, too? If so, I’ve got a tool to help with that. A workbook on helping you price your coaching services…and you can grab that resource for free. Just click the thumbnail below!

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