How To Organize Your Health Coaching Business

July 11, 2018

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Do you feel overwhelmed with all the tasks required to get your health coaching business off the ground? In this article (and the video below), I’m going to tell you about the three tools you need to get organized in your health coaching business, to help you stay productive and efficient…with ease and grace.

When you’re running a health coaching business, especially when you’re just starting out, it can feel like you’re flying in a hundred different directions. Your To-Do list is ridiculously long, and it’s all over the map. You probably don’t have the resources to hire an assistant yet, or to outsource too many tasks, so basically you’re it. You’re the CEO and chief bottle washer…and this can be a very overwhelming situation. So how to cope? You need to get organized, coach!

Many of the coaches I work with, especially when they’re getting set up, struggle to stay organized, and have a hard time deciding where to allocate their time and energy and where to start. That’s why you need tools to help you stay organized when you’re trying to get your coaching business of the ground, solo (and trying to keep your mental state intact as you do so). And there are plenty of available tools! Which ones to start with? I recommend these three:

Tool #1: A project management system

For a project management system, I use Asana. I would be utterly lost without Asana. It’s a free tool to keep your projects, to-do lists, systems, and plans, all in one place.

You can create individual projects, lists of action items within each project, and schedule deadlines for each item. It helps me see at a glance what needs to be done, and also helps me keep my entire week organized.

I also have certain workflows that I repeat…so I have templates for those things (like making videos, blog posts, and email marketing).

Asana is amazing, but it’s not the only project management tool out there. Trello is another system that works great for many people, so you might want to check that one out, too.

Tool #2: A system for online documents.

For keeping all my documents in place, I love G-Suite, which is basically Google Drive, Google Docs and spreadsheets, and the whole suite of google tools including gmail, and google calendar.

One of the best things about G-suite, of course, is that everything is online. Personally, I work from a variety of places, I’m not always in my home office, so no matter where I am or what device or computer I’m using, the files I need are always right there at my fingertips.

Tool #3: An online scheduler

The worst is when you have to email back and forth with clients to schedule calls or meetings. It’s annoying, and a huge time waster. And, as a coach, being able to book calls with a minimum of back-and-forth is absolutely make or break.

I’ve tried a few online schedulers, but the one I love the most right now is Acuity Scheduling. Calendly is also good, but I find I prefer Acuity. Online schedulers give you the ability to set up your available appointments, and then your clients can just book themselves in. Most online calendar programs will also give you a whole bunch of options in terms of automation, reminder emails and texts, and customizable forms.

There are other online calendar programs besides Acuity and Calendly, of course, so it’s important to try one of two of them out, in their free version to get started, to see what you prefer. You’ll be amazed that you did it any other way.

Let’s Recap:

So there you go, the three systems and tools you need to have to set up your coaching business and get organized:

  1. A project management system like Asana.
  2. A tool for storing online documents, like G-Suite
  3. An online scheduler, like Acuity.

Now, there are a whole lot of other tools and resources out there to help you get truly organized in your health coaching business, so if you’re interested, I’ve created a resource list of tools that can help you become more efficient and productive, and find ease in your business — which is a beautiful thing.

To grab that resource list for free, just go ahead and click on the image below!

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