How To Approach Doctors For Referrals

September 1, 2018

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Last summer, I was hanging out in a Facebook group for health coaches and somebody posted this question: Does anybody know how to approach doctors? I’d love to set up a referral relationship but I have no idea how to do that, or what to say.

So, being both a doctor and a health coach, I provided some pointers, and made the offer to private message me if she liked, to discuss it more. I was promptly flooded, both on that thread and in private messages, with other health coaches hoping for similar advice (which, again, I happily provided). Many of the same questions kept coming up: What do you say to get your foot in the door? How to you get past the gatekeepers? What kind of referral form would work best? Do I need a brochure? What should I put in an email?

Shortly after all that, Lori Kennedy (creator of the Wellness Business Academy & The Business of Becoming Podcast) contacted me while I was overseas on holiday to interview me about my tips in a live video chat. In fact, she wanted to know how soon we could set up the interview! (You can view the recording of that interview here — it was a really fun talk!)

Anyway, this flood of interest totally took me by surprise. But I quickly realized I was uniquely positioned to help health coaches make a major shift in their businesses.

Which has been my mission since I began down this road of coaching and mentoring health coaches. After working for 19+ years as a family physician, I have come to realize the deep limitations of our traditional health care model…and, in contrast, have to come to see the incredible potential of health coaching as a profession.

So, I went on to spend several months putting together a program — a self-paced online course to take health coaches through the step-by-step process of establishing referrals from doctors.

I first launched the course last spring to an overwhelmingly positive response. The success of that program has been lovely, and has encouraged me to keep going with it, and to work toward making even more health coaches aware of this marketing strategy .

I’ve also used the intervening months to improve the course even more. For example, I got a lot of requests for even more templates and done-for-you material, which I’ve been busy creating … and that will all be part of the new, improved course that I’m re-launching in September!

That’s right, I’m re-launch the course … PLUS making it available at a fabulous back-to-school discount for the first two weeks of September.

As of September 1st, you can access the complete MD Referral Blueprint Program for 25% off. Instead of the usual investment of $497, I’m making it available for 25% off the usual price (that’s approx $125 savings!), for a special promo price of $372. The payment plan option (normally 3 monthly payments of $175), will be reduced to $131 per month.

 use promo code FALL25 to get the 25% discount (valid for full-pay and payment plan options)

So my question for you is this: are you interested in having doctors refer their patients to you? What would it mean for your business if they did?

I can tell you that at the current time, hardly ANY health coaches are doing this (yet). It’s why I call it a “secret weapon strategy”. Which is great news for you, because if you can figure it out, crack the code, you can be among the few, “lucky” coaches (and of course it has nothing to do with luck) who have a regular influx of clients coming directly from doctors. (And if you want to see a case study of an extremely successful health coach who has build her ENTIRE business model on getting referrals from healthcare practitioners, read this.)

So if that sounds good to you, I invite you to check out the program page and learn more.

By the end of the MD REFERRAL BLUEPRINT program, you’ll have learned:

  • how to approach medical offices with confidence (and get your foot in the door)
  • how doctors’ practices work, and why they need YOU as much as you need them
  • how to create marketing material that will help MDs understand your services
  • how to design a simple referral system that makes it easy for MDs to refer their patients to you
  • how to find the doctors who would be a perfect match for your services
  • how to build relationships for the long term

If you’re tired of struggling to find enough clients to keep your health coaching practice booked. If you’re exhausted with all the tedious hustling on social media, slaving away producing content and seeing very few results for your efforts…you’re not alone!

There is a better way.

If you’re ready to:

  • Ensure a steady flow of pre-screened clients who are ready to work with you.
  • Make valuable connections and raise your profile in the health & wellness community.
  • Finally free yourself from your unfulfilling 9-5 and become a full-time health coach.

I invite you to check out the program in more detail so you can decide if it’s for you!

I truly hope to see you inside the program. I can assure you: it’s a game changer.

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