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How To Makeover Your Life – 6 Easy Steps To Reinvent Yourself

June 26, 2024

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Do you feel like your life doesn’t reflect who you are or who you want to be?

Do you dream of rebranding yourself and making a fresh start, but you have no idea how?

If so, you’ll surely find this week’s article and YouTube helpful and inspiring.

Because here’s the thing…

It IS possible to reinvent yourself, and it’s not as overwhelming and difficult as you think.

To prove this, I’m walking you through six actionable steps to help you stop wondering, “What if?” and start living the life you want.

Let’s get started!

Step One: Identify Exactly What You Want to Change

First things first, you need to know precisely what you want to change.

You may already be able to list multiple things you are not happy about right now, such as your health, career, relationships, etc.

If that’s the case, I want you to choose ONE thing. Yes, one.


If you try to change multiple things right now, you’ll get overwhelmed by the complexity and be more likely to give up.

But if you focus on just one thing, there’s more chance you’ll successfully pull it off.

So, how do you narrow it down to one thing?

I recommend choosing the most important thing for you right now. The thing that you are most unhappy about.

However, I also recommend changing an area of your life that feels DOABLE. 

So, if you want to change something but have no idea how to, start with something smaller, something that you are confident in your ability to change.

And don’t worry—once you’ve reinvented one area of your life, you can move on to the bigger and more difficult areas.

But what if you need help pinpointing what you want to change?

In that case, be sure to watch the YouTube video, as I share a super helpful reflection process to help you gain clarity about what you want your future self to be like.

Step Two: Eliminate Your Blocks

The next step is to eliminate the blocks currently holding you back.

What are these blocks, I hear you ask?

Your fears.

No matter how courageous and confident we believe we are, we all have a primitive mind, so we all have fears.

Here’s why…

Our primitive mind contains our fear-based survival instincts, so as you can guess, it prioritizes survival. 

Whatever we’ve done up to this point has ensured our survival. So, our primitive mind wants us to carry on as we are and avoid any changes. 

In other words, our primitive mind perceives anything new and unfamiliar as a threat.

So, to reinvent ourselves, we have to move beyond this survival instinct, which means moving past the fears the mind creates.

These fears can often arise in sneaky ways, such as excuses like “This isn’t going to work” or “You’re not ready for this.”  

While we cannot eliminate fears completely, we can neutralize them.


By understanding what these thoughts and feelings really are.

Ask yourself: ‘What am I actually afraid of here?’ Is it a fear of failure, of being judged, or even of success? 

Simply naming and identifying your fears can neutralize them, allowing you to push through them and take the necessary action to reinvent your life.

Step Three: The Yellow Brick Road Rule

If you’re a huge Wizard Of Oz fan like me, you’ll love this analogy.

In The Wizard of Oz, most of the story occurs on the yellow brick road, not in Emerald City.

This is because all the good stuff that happened, all the powerful lessons Dorothy learned, occurred during the journey to Emerald City, not at the destination.

And the same is true in life.

We often fixate on our end goal, but what we should focus on and embrace is the journey to get there. 

The PATH to transformation is as significant as the destination itself, as we do all our learning and growing along the way.

This is the yellow brick road rule.

If you focus ONLY on the destination and view the journey as something you must endure, you’re more likely to give up once you encounter obstacles.

And while obstacles are not enjoyable, they are inevitable. So, to stay in the game, you must embrace the journey!

Step Four: Expect Obstacles

Let’s talk more about these inevitable obstacles. 

Think back to The Wizard of Oz and the obstacles Dorothy encountered on the yellow brick road: trees that threw apples and flying monkeys, to name a few. 

All these obstacles were unexpected, unnerving, and seemingly out of Dorothy’s control. 

And again, the same is true on our journeys to our dream lives. 

So, to reach your goals and truly reinvent yourself, you must expect obstacles and know how to handle them when they arise.

Firstly, when we expect challenges, we are less discouraged when they occur.

Secondly, when we approach each obstacle with the mindset that there IS a solution, we increase our chance of overcoming it.

Rather than wallowing in self-pity and telling yourself, “It’s not possible,” take ownership of your journey by seeking the lessons and solutions. 

Ask yourself, ‘What can I learn from this?’ and ‘How can this challenge improve me?’

Then, use the resources available to you, whether seeking advice from mentors or reading up on similar experiences, to strategize your next steps.

Step Five: Find Real Support

One thing that will massively help you overcome obstacles is support. 

But the truth is, when you decide to reinvent yourself, not everyone in your life will understand or appreciate what you’re doing.

Your positive transformation will likely trigger some people, bringing their own unhappiness and unfulfillment to the surface. So you won’t be able to rely on these people for support. 

So, instead of trying to make everyone understand you, focus on curating a new group of supporters. 

How do you find these people? 

Engage in online and offline communities that resonate with your new interests and aspirations.

Look for people who are on a similar path or who have values and goals that align with your own.

Trust me, having a group of people who genuinely understand and encourage your dreams and ambitions will make a HUGE difference in your transformation. They will cheer you on when you succeed and lift you up when you falter.

Step Six: Leverage Your Success

Finally, once you achieve your first goal, don’t stop there. 

The journey of personal transformation is never over. There are always more ways to become better.

So this step is all about recognizing and celebrating the changes you’ve made—and using them to strengthen your self-trust even further. This will help you form a springboard to go to the next level.

Final Thoughts

If this article has left you feeling inspired, don’t stop here.

First, watch the full YouTube video where I talk about these six strategies in depth.

Here’s where you can watch:

Secondly, to help you start your reinvention journey, I’ve put together a free workbook called Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life. In this workbook, I’ll walk you through a series of prompts to help you uncover and move past your blocks.

And finally, harness the power of affirmation by affirming your plans for reinvention now. Comment below which aspect of your life you’re going to makeover first!


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