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The Dolce Vita Diet: How To Live A Healthier, Slimmer, and Happier Life With A Mediterranean-Inspired Diet & Lifestyle

December 11, 2018

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So who loves the word “DIET”?

Nobody likes diets, right? I mean, look, it has the word “die” right inside it. For most of us, the idea of “dieting” conjures up images of restriction, deprivation, suffering…

“I never worry about diets. The only carrots that interest me are the number you get in a diamond.”

Mae West

Diets are no fun. And worse — they’re not sustainable.

The stats on diets are miserable. But even still, there have been no shortage of fad diets to hit the market: keto, paleo, Atkins, South Beach, intermittent fasting….and on and on!

But today…for a breath of fresh air, I’m not going to be talking about DIETS, in the way you think of them. I’m going to talk about a way of eating.

But the bad news: I have to use the actual word “diet”.

And that’s because it’s the easiest way to express what we’re talking about. Because I’m too lazy to write “way of eating” which is what this really is. In a private community I’m a member of, just for people who are fans of a Mediterranean-inspired diet, we refer to it as a WOE (way of eating)..but let’s face it, that’s not such a happy acronym, either!

So we’re kind of stuck with the word diet.

Now, technically, “diet” means: WHAT you eat, the foods, the patterns, etc. So even though I’m going to use the word “diet” as a short form…it’s not a diet. It’s a way of eating.

Okay, clear? Good.

Now. Let’s talk.

The diet I want to talk to you about today (as you might have guessed) is the Mediterranean diet—something I’ve discussed many times on this blog. But today I want to introduce my own personal take on the Mediterranean diet, something I call The Dolce Vita Diet.

Physician, heal thyself…

To give a bit of context, I have always been interested in nutrition and health…which is what led me to a career in medicine as an MD. I’ve now been a family doctor for 19+ years.

But here’s a confession: I didn’t always practice what I preached.

It wasn’t until I had a series of my own health challenges—3 separate bouts of different autoimmune illnesses within 5 years—that I decided it was time to make some serious changes to my own nutrition, and find the best possible lifestyle for myself.

I knew it was something I could figure out—I had learned how to research, and I knew I had all the information at my fingertips.

Naturally, I began to investigate the Mediterranean diet, since I have been obsessed with Europe for my entire adult life (if you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you’ll know this is true).

Once I started delving into the research, comparing the different diets and nutrition theories, I realized just how miraculous the Mediterranean diet was.

I adopted a Mediterranean-inspired diet and lifestyle myself and soon noticed major changes to my health and wellbeing. I lost the stubborn additional pounds I had gained after having kids (and acquiring a thyroid condition).

Plus, I was enjoying food more than ever, and it was all so … easy and pleasurable.

It has now been 5 years since I’ve had any significant health challenges. I’ve felt healthier and more vibrant than ever before.

And then things changed

When my little sister was diagnosed with breast cancer in early 2018 I knew it was time to spread the word and step up my efforts to formalize what I knew about this way of eating into a system that anyone could learn and adopt.

So I developed the Dolce Vita Diet program: an online course designed to help people adopt a Mediterranean-inspired diet, and achieve the health and wellbeing of their dreams.

I’m aware that my colleagues, other MDs, often recommend a Mediterranean-style diet to their patients. It frequently appears in our journals and conferences. But what I’ve noticed is that nobody ever teaches people how to adopt a Mediterranean way of eating.

That’s exactly what my program aims to do.

How does it work?

The Dolce Vita Diet is a 90-day, completely online program, during which I will guide you to transition to a pleasurable and delicious Mediterranean-inspired diet, lose weight, and enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle when it comes to health and food.

It’s designed to take you step-by-step through the changes you need to make to fully adopt the world’s healthiest diet …

… and become the healthiest person you know.

Will you lose weight on this diet? Yes. But this isn’t a crash diet. It’s not a fad diet. It’s not a temporary way of eating so you can drop a bunch of pounds. That’s not what I believe in (and if you’re still reading this, I bet you don’t, either).

The weight loss you’ll enjoy in this program will most likely be more gradual than with other more restrictive types of diets. But it will be a pleasurable weight loss, and a sustainable weight loss.

I have observed first-hand the enviable lifestyle people in Europe seem to enjoy—particularly in the Mediterranean.

And for me, it’s not just about the food—although the food is a significant part of it.

It’s also about the attitude and the general approach to living. In France it’s called “joie de vivre”, in Italy “la dolce vita”. And it’s that general approach, that philosophy of a life well-lived, that I have infused into this program.

The Mediterranean Diet, and a Dolce Vita approach to life, were the changes I’d made in my own lifestyle as a result of some personal health challenges. And now, I want to show you how to adopt the same changes and enjoy the best health of your life.

There’s no counting, weighing, measuring…or starving yourself.

The Mediterranean diet is often touted as the healthiest diet in the world. It was proven in actual populations, it’s been around for a long time, and it’s backed up with a ton of research.

Exciting, right?

So let’s get you there as quickly as possible!

The fastest (and best) way to adopt this new way of eating is by learning from an MD & coach who can show you the way. (hint: that’s me!)

Interested in learning more? Click the image below to learn all about my new life-changing program. I’d love to help you go from frustrated to fabulous! Are you ready?

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